How to lock/unlock Notion pages

How to lock/unlock Notion pages

Locking pages in Notion is useful when you want to stop making changes by mistake to a certain page.

In fact, a page locker is extremely useful when you have a Notion-built website to not make any mistakes that would change the layout of your website.

With this being said, we're now going to show you how to add and remove a lock within a Notion page.

How to lock/unlock Notion pages

To embed GIFs in Notion, you just have to copy a GIF's link, paste it in Notion and select "Embed image".

If you want to see the full way on how to embed GIFs in Notion, keep reading this guide, as we're going to explain this in-depth.

There are two ways to do this:

  • For downloaded GIFs: just drag and drop it in Notion in order to upload them;
  • For GIFs on the internet: copy the link and embed it in Notion.

1. Copy a GIF's link

First of all, you need to copy the URL of a GIF. To do that, simply go to the search bar, select the link and copy it.

how to add gifs in notion

That's a pretty cool GIF, right? It's a Ferrari F40 shooting some flames. Anyway, back to our guide 🔥

2. Paste the link in Notion

Up next, you want to paste the freshly-copied link in your Notion page.

how to embed gifs in notion

After pasting your link, there should be three options: "Dismiss", "Embed image" and "Create bookmark".

What you want to select is "Embed image". Regardless of Notion calling it an image, you'll notice how the embed will actually be your GIF, and not an image.

import gifs in notion

While you can't really see this in the image above, the pasted link contains a GIF with a Ferrari F40 that shoots some flames out of the exhaust.

That was it! The GIF was not successfully embedded.

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Can you add animated GIFs in Notion?

Yes, Notion supports animated GIFs, and they work the same as any other image or video. Just upload the GIF and it'll be animated in your page.

Thank you for reading this tutorial! For more, make sure to check our Notion guides.

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