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How to integrate Emojics in Notion

Want to get the best feedback from your Notion website's users? Then is most likely what you're looking for.

Emojics is an integration that helps you collect feedback from your users the easy way, and that is thru emojis.

Remember how supermarkets use those happy/neutral/angry faces at checkout for you to share the shopping experience? That's basically what Emojics does for you.

Within this guide, we'll show you all there is to know about connecting Emojics to Notion.

How to integrate Emojics in Notion

Simply copy your Emojics widget's code and paste it into the "Custom code" section of your Notion website. Save the changes, and that's it!

Keep in mind that this was just the short way to answer your question. Keep on reading to see the detailed answer!

1. Go to Emojics

First of all, go to Emojics and setup your account. Once you've done that, you'll be forwarded to your site's dashboard.

integrate emojics in notion

Then, be sure to click on the "<> Main Widget Integrations" button on the left side of the screen's menu, just like in the image above.

2. Copy your widget's code

Up next, you'll have to copy your widget's code. You'll just have to scroll a little bit on the page shown at the previous step.

connect emojics to notion webesites

Once you've found the code, hit the "COPY SNIPPET" button. One other way to do that is to select and copy the whole code manually.

3. Add Emojics in Notion

Now you'll have to go to your dashboard (the link works only once you've registered and built a website) and select the "Custom code" section in the left side's menu.

how to integrate emojics in notion

Upon clicking "Custom code", you should paste your widget's code and hit the "Save changes" button. Keep in mind that saving changes is essential, as otherwise, won't automatically save them.

With this being said, after pasting and saving, you should see the integration on your public website just like in the image below.

how to embed emojics in notion

Hey, look at that! Emojics was successfully integrated within a Notion-built website. It wasn't so hard integrating Emojics, right?

Can you integrate feedback to Notion websites?

Yes, you can integrate feedback widgets to your Notion website. Emojics is one of the examples, but though, any tool that offers an integration code can be added to your Notion website.

If you want to get the most out of your Notion website, make sure to check our integrations and guides. Thank you for reading this Notion integration tutorial!

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