Back-end Engineer that's well-familiarized with Notion

Not Remote (see inside)
Published on
October 22, 2021
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About us is a website builder that turns pages into no-code websites, in about ~30 seconds. That's it — nothing more complicated than that.

How we work

All our colleagues read this when they start working with us. This is how we work. But it's a longer read — just skim through the interesting parts (for now). The short version is:

       • We give people complete autonomy. No micro-management. You need to manage yourself

       • We don't really do audio/video calls, unless needed. It's not uncommon to not see colleagues for months (or even years) on a work-related video call. We mainly text, and we look for blocks of "deep work"

       • We don't track hours. All we care about whether the work is delivered on (reasonable) deadlines. What you do outside of work is completely up to you — in fact, you're encouraged to do stuff outside work (art, video games, poetry... just do your thing)

       • All you need is a laptop/machine, English skills, and an internal desire to do your best