Notion Custom Fonts: how to add them

Notion's Default font is awesome - it looks clean and it is likeable. Though, if you want to change it, there are four ways to do that, and in this guide, we'll show them all to you.
How to add custom fonts to Notion
Can I add custom fonts in Notion?
How to change the font in Notion
Method 1: Notion's 3 fonts
Method 2: Fancy text platforms
Method 3: Equations
Method 4: Notion custom font (FREE)
Can you change the font in Notion?
What font does Notion use?
Can I build websites with Notion?

Notion offers three fonts: Default, Serif and Mono. While you can use all of them, there are quite a few ways to add Notion custom fonts.

That being said, you can also add custom fonts.

The best way to add Notion custom fonts is using the website builder and selecting your favourite font. The possibilities are endless!

Can I add custom fonts in Notion?

To shortly answer your question, you cannot add custom fonts to Notion, but Notion offers three fonts. However, there is a workaround: you can add custom fonts to your Notion website.

What font does Notion use?

By default, Notion uses the Sans-Serif Workhorse font. This is the generic font that's used for any newly-opened account or a freshly-started page in Notion.

How to change the font in Notion

So, there are four methods to change the font in Notion:

  1. Notion's 3 fonts
  2. Fancy text platforms
  3. Equations
  4. Notion custom fonts ( feature)

Let's start the guide with the first way on how to customise Notion's fonts!

Method 1: Notion's 3 fonts

  1. Go to your Notion page.
  2. In the top-right corner, you'll see the three-dot icon. Click it.
change fonts in notion

The very first section on the dropdown is the "STYLE" section, and the first option is tied to the font.

As you can see, there is a quick preview for each of the three fonts in which you can change your Notion page's appearance.

Keep in mind that changing the font from Default to Serif or Mono will change the font on your whole Notion page. You can't change the font for just a section of your page, as the changes apply to every text on your page.

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Method 2: Fancy text platforms

This option will allow you to change the font for just a characters throughout the page, unlike the first method which changes the font for all of the characters on your page.

  1. Go to one of these websites: Fancy Text Generator, Cool Symbol, Fancy Text Guru, The Fancy Text (all free)
  2. Write your text
  3. Copy-paste it into Notion
change the font in notion

As you can see, for this example, we've used the Fancy Text Generator website. Upon writing in the left side's box, the website generated us lots of text with custom & fancy fonts.

The next step was copying the text with a font that we liked from the right side's box, and then going to a Notion page and pasting it. The outcome was this:

how to change fonts notion

Pretty cool, right? The best part is that everybody that comes on your Notion page can see all of your customised text!

Method 3: Equations

This method might look a bit more complicated, but hey, the outcome is really awesome.

This method implies the use of LaTeX, which is a language that's used for Notion's equations.

import fonts in notion
  1. Type "/equation" in Notion. That'll build an Equation block.
  2. Then, you have to add the following line of code within that block:
\color{TypeAColour}\text{Your text goes here}

Of course, you can change the text and the colour of the text to whatever you want. Here are a few ways to customise your text even more:

  1. Bold: \color{TypeAColour}\textit{Your text goes here}
  2. Italic: \color{TypeAColour}\textbf{Your text goes here}
  3. Custom font 1: \color{TypeAColour}\texttt{Your text goes here}
  4. Custom font 2: \color{TypeAColour}\textsf{Your text goes here}

Once you're done choosing your favourite text appearance, your text should look like this:

how to add fonts in notion

Your text now has a custom font! How cool is that?

Method 4: Notion custom font

The fourth method on adding Notion custom fonts is the handiest, as you can use any font from over the internet.

  1. First, build a Notion website. It's free and it takes 30 sec.
  2. Go to the Dashboard → Site customisation → Styling
  3. Use the dropdown in "Custom font" → Pick your font. Job done ✅
notion website custom font

Pick your favourite!

notion how to add custom fonts

Select your favourite font and then select the "Confirm changes" button. 


Can you change the font in Notion?

Yes. Notion gives you three fonts to choose from, but you can also use the Equation block or a Fancy Text Generator to change the font. The Notion custom fonts section is the best way to change your Notion websites' font.

So, at the end of the day, there are four ways to change the font in Notion, and they're all pretty easy!

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What font does Notion use?

The default font Notion uses is sans-serif. That can be changed to: Mono or Serif, for a total of 3 options. It takes ~ 10 seconds to change Notion's font!

Can I build websites with Notion?

You absolutely can and many people use Notion pages as the backbone of their website.

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