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A Notion page gets turned into a website on mobile and tabletA Notion page gets turned into a website on desktop, tablet and mobile

How-to: what it's like creating a website

A Notion page
Step 0

Get a Notion page ready

Create an empty Notion page OR simply start with one of our templates
A link is added on the website
Step 1

Paste the URL in

With a couple of clicks, you'll share your Notion page and get a link. Paste that link on this very page (upper right corner of the screen)
A live website built with Notion and
Step 2

Your website is live 🎉

Any change you make now on your Notion page gets reflected on your website

Thousands of people trust us with their website: see for yourself why

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What users are saying

"Quickest way I fell in love with a software product"
"Fastest way to create a beautiful, aesthetic website"
"Better and faster than all other clunky website builders"
"99% of population needs this for a website - nothing more"

Explore's top features

Fast-loading, hosted websites

Everything is optimized for 0-headache, so you can focus on creating and building.

Works with Notion’s free plan

You can build a website regardless of whether you're on Notion's free/paid plan

Unlimited pages

Create with ease, with enough pages included across all your websites

Unlimited collaborators

Invite any teammate, partner, co-founder, etc. We won't charge you per seat.


Your site is ready to get the #1 position in Google. See you on the first page!

100% Security

We automatically generate SSL Certificates for your websites, taking security seriously!

Responsive websites

"0-headache" means websites work perfectly on mobile/tablet devices too.

Automatic sync to Notion

Any change you make in Notion will be automatically reflected on your website

Countless integrations

Superpower your Notion website with the integration guides we've created!
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Free subdomains

Ability to add a custom domain (or custom subdomain)

Granular SEO settings for every page

RTL (Right-to-left) language support

Custom dark/light mode

Custom code

Custom URLs

Custom navbars

Custom favicon

Custom fonts

Soon: custom footers

Custom SEO: meta titles, description, etc

Your website is built: what's next?

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Bootstrapped and fiercely independent, with a passion to support creators + the creator economy
We're a completely bootstrapped, fiercely independent company. We're funding this with the revenue we make from customers. That's it. No VCs, no investors, or any other people decide the direction of - besides you and us.

We're trying our best to make better day by day, without losing our way, just like many products out there have done. Too many other products go this way: they're small → they raises money → grow beyond sustainability → get acquired by big tech → shut down

All this begs the question: why do we go this way? And the answer is simple: because you are a creator, and we ourselves are creators.

Think of buying as less of a subscription, and more of an investment.

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