Notion Websites: Examples

All the websites below are beautiful, no-code websites created with Notion + Browse our list of Notion websites for inspiration, or start creating your own Notion website today!
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Notion websites: everything explained

Examples of Notion websites

Notion website examples

This whole page is dedicated to showing you some of the websites that you can make with the power of and Notion.

Build your Notion website today! It takes no more than a few seconds, and the best part is that you don't need to code anything.

Oh, and did we mention that it's free making Notion websites with

Is Notion a website?

Notion pages can be found on the Internet only after you've set them as 'sharable'. On top of that, with and Notion, your pages can become websites in no more than a few seconds.

If you want to see guides on how to use Notion in order to improve your Notion experience, be sure to head to our library of Notion guides. They're all free!

Can I use Notion as a website?

Yes, Notion can make websites. With's website builder, you can use Notion as a professional site.

Thanks to Notion's simplicity, we've managed to turn these beautiful pages into no-code websites.

Within this very page that you're browsing, you can see examples of websites made only with the help of Your website could look the same as those from above!

Do Notion websites require coding?

Not at all. The Notion websites examples visible at the top of this page are all made without coding.