Power-ups for your Notion Website

Notion Integrations: how to connect your favourite apps to your Notion Website

Integrate and embed all sorts of apps to your Notion websites. From live chat platforms to payment processors, your Notion-built website supports many connections. Below you can find a list of all the apps that you can add in Notion.


Invite your Notion users to get a membership on your website. Membership integrations work best when you sell through Notion.


Get the most out of your Notion website. Integrate apps to get feedback from your users in order to make their exeperience even better.


Offer your users the better browsing experience by adding a cookie consent step on your Notion-built website.


Get users from all over the world by translating your websites. Harvest more and more SEO!


These are integrations for Notion such as astrology or drawings. Entertain your users with the current situation with the Moon, with a drawing, and so on!

Notion integrations: why should you add power-ups to your Notion website?

A set of blocks with Notion and other logos (of other Notion integrations)

Still not sure why you should use these Notion integrations? Let's clear that up.

What does Notion integrate with?

Notion integrates with absolutely any tool that has a sharable link or an embeddable code. Integrating in Notion is simply a copy & paste job.

How do you add integration to Notion?

It'sIf you're having a Notion-built website, you need to head to the "Custom code" section and add your favourite tool's code in there. It's that easy!

Otherwise, it's super easy to integrate in Notion - you simply need to use the "Embed" code and paste your integration's URL.

Why use Notion integrations?

Using Notion integrations brings lots of benefits. Basically, you're automating your work with content from your favourite tools.

Since Notion is so easy to use, you can integrate almost any app that you want. You name it, we'll help you add it in Notion!

Here is an example: if you want to transform your Notion website into an eCommerce website, you can simply add a checkout page, and you can even add a payment processor to help people buy safely from you.

Are Notion integrations free?

Yes, it's 100% free to integrate your favourite tools in Notion.

Unless the integration isn't only based on a paid plan, like Outseta for instance, you can freely integrate in Notion.

Moreover, the guides that we've made on how to integrate in Notion (scroll up) are 100% free, so there's really no paying for that either.

What can you do with Notion integrations?

The greatest advantage of Notion integrations is simply the time that you and your users save by connecting apps instead of the old way of linking to them.

Integrations help you make things easier and work less. There are lots of possibilities and achievements that Notion integrations can help you get.

That's it folks!

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