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Notion templates: why use them? What's the benefit?

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Here are some of the other, related questions we'd like to help with.

Where can I find templates for Notion?

Well aren't you in the right place!

On this page, in the collection of Notion templates, we create and curate well-organized, useful, stunning templates so that you can save some time, and have some beautifully-organized pages.

Or even websites, if you'd like to turn your Notion page into a website.

With, you can do a bunch of useful things, such as adding a custom domain to Notion, integrating analytics, payment methods and so many other side-tools or apps.

But hey, coming back to templates: if you scroll up, you'll find our collection. That said, we're constantly updating and upgrading these lists here, as we want to help Notioneers as much as we can.

There are a ton of different templates out there. If you're in the middle of a project and need to use a new template, duplicate one from our website (scroll above)! You can even find and/or scroll through finished websites if you just need some inspiration!

Got some suggestions for us? Need a specific type of template? Write us — we'd love to hear it!

Are Notion templates free?

Notion templates can come in two ways: some cost, while some are free.

On this very page, you will find free templates, as we want to help people set up their Notion website. So to save our users' time (although non-users can use our templates — also users who stick to our freemium plan), we create those for them.

We have to mention, however: while some templates can be used directly in Notion, we have some templates that we like to call 'custom themes': those change the way your Notion page/website look completely. You'll be able to see for yourself that those are not in any way looking like Notion (although some elements might be similar).

If you'd like to use a custom theme, you will need to create a website with — rest assured, however, as it can take as little as 1 minute, and we've got an unlimited free plan!

Why does that have to happen? It's simply because once you create your website, you will need to connect your website to the styling that we've created. That's simple as well (the name suggests it, right?), so it's all good!

Coming to back to the discussion about free and paid templates: some people are selling templates, so you'll have to pay before accessing their work. Usually how that works is:

  • You find the page where the seller is selling this paid Notion template
  • You buy it
  • You'll get access to a unique page where you'll be able to duplicate it
  • Optionally: some sellers include as well some complementary files, documents, variations etc

Can I sell a Notion template?

The short answer is: yes, you can sell a Notion template. And you can earn a lot by doing so.

Plenty of people do and, as the popularity of Notion grows, it's an increasingly lucrative business. Notion is estimated to have almost 100,000,000 unique monthly users, and amongst these there are plenty of people who are looking for creative templates.

Pretty soon, we could call that 100,000,000+ unique monthly users.

Not everybody will be a type of user who is looking to pay for a template, but assuming only 1% of those people are looking to buy a template at one point in their life. That's 1M people. One million! You'd only need to get a small percentage of those people, times the amount you'll be selling the template for (say $15). You do the math for yourself.

Even we, as we write this, are questioning whether we should create some Notion templates. But until we decide that, we'll stick with creating our Notion templates, which in turn drive the business of our Notion website builder.

How do I sell a Notion template?

The shortest and fastest way to sell a Notion template is:

  1. Finalise your Notion template. Think about the use cases of your users (the flexibility that they need), their experience and how they'll get to the "I love this!" moment.
  2. Put the Notion template behind a payment gate, such as Gumroad, Flurly or PayPal
  3. Once people have paid, they'll be redirected to the Notion template. Make sure you add instructions: usually, that will involve duplicating the template and... of course, you'll be asking them for a review so you can sell more of it!
  4. Optionally: create a public website, so you can sell better and easier. Use the simplicity of Notion to create a 'selling' page fast, but at the same time to keep it professional. Notion pages are very hard to be made in an ugly way. Other website makers...? We can't say that about them.

    For obvious reasons, we recommend using, as we're the fastest and most efficient tool that turns your Notion page into a website.
  5. Congrats, it's live! Now sell it to people! A few tips below.👇

Quick tips for selling a Notion template

  • Offer a freemium version, so it can spread easier. We suggest: a limited freemium version. This way, people get a better idea of the whole package
  • Share it on Facebook communities
  • Share it on Reddit communities
  • Offer an affiliate commission to people who can sell it. Gumroad offers this function natively.
  • Ask bloggers, newlsetter owners, etc. (think of them as gatekeepers) to share your template
  • Look for other digital products — how are they sold? How are they presented? Draw inspiration from them
  • Do a giveaway on Twitter/social media, where people have to engage with the post. More engagement →  more exposure
  • Create a 'wall of love', where you collect positive testimonials. People like to buy stuff that's 'vetted' by other people
  • Optimize for the search engine of marketplaces, such as Gumroad — what will it take for your template to be in top #10 results there?