Notion pricing, explained (as simple as possible)

On this page, we'll explore Notion's pricing: for most users, for students, teacher and education, or for the power users.
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Does Notion offer a free trial?
Is Notion paid? Should I pay? What plan should I choose?
Notion pricing comparison
Is it safe to pay for Notion?
What’s the difference between the free vs paid Notion?
Can I build websites with Notion?
What other free Notion resources are there?

Is Notion a paid tool? Can you use Notion for free? We’re here to answer all of your questions and doubts about Notion’s free and paid plans

There are lots of people in doubt whether they can use Notion for free or if they have to pay to get the most out of Notion.

Before reading this guide, you may want to take a look into what is Notion, as this guide is related to the pricing of Notion rather than to what’s Notion and whether it’s free or not.

To put it shortly, Notion is a free tool that helps you take notes and organise your life. While Notion is free, there’s also a paid version which gives you a little more advantages than its free version. Regardless, both the free and the plans are awesome, and they both have a lot to offer.

We also have a guide answering the famous question: “Is Notion Free?”. Make sure to check that out if you want to see what you can use for free, and what’s paid.

Does Notion offer a free trial?

The free trial of Notion is actually the free version that is usable forever. Yes, you can use Notion for free for as long as you want.

This is the sort of ‘unasked but thought of’ question by lots of people. But fear not, the answer is really good - you get to use Notion and you don’t even have to pay for it.

Don’t understand why Notion doesn’t have a free trial? Then you might want to check out our full explanation on why Notion is free.

Is Notion free?

Notion is a 100% free tool that also offers a paid plan. While the free version is very awesome, the paid version has other advantages that you don’t get for free.

The best way to determine whether you want to pay for Notion or not is simply by taking a look at the plans. Currently, there are four plans.

Notion's pricing page
Notion's pricing, as of early 2022. May change in the future!

As you can see, there are three paid plans for Notion: Plus, Business, and Enterprise. Also, we’ve explained the whole advantages of Notion’s free version in our guide right here.

What Notion plan should I choose?

If you’re using Notion for yourself, then the free plan is for you: Notion Personal. Though, if you need to upload lots of files and if you want to invite many other guests to your pages, then you should aim for the Notion Plus plan.

Good news if you are a student. Notion gives you the Plus plan for free!

Got a team that you’re working with? Well, the Notion Business plan is the obvious choice for you for other reasons besides the name of the plan is “Business”.  It’s because, with this plan, you get access to administrative tools, and because you can also invite an unlimited amount of editors.

The benefit of the Notion Enterprise plan is that you get access to lots of authentication, security, managing and contract tools.

For the full story where we explain Notion’s plans, check out our article on what Notion plan you should choose.

Do you have to pay for Notion?

We recommend that you first try Notion’s Personal Free plan for a little while. Then, you’ll figure out whether you need to upload larger files, or if you want to be found on the internet (yep, that’s another advantage of Notion’s Plus plan).

Also, once you understand Notion’s plans, then you can figure out if you should pay for Notion or not.

How much is Notion? Free vs Paid

Notion has multiple plans, ranging from nothing to $15 per user/month:

  • Free Plan: $0;
  • Plus: $8 per user/month;
  • Business: $15 per user/month;
  • Enterprise: Contact Notion's Sales Team.

If you're not sure about which Notion plan you should choose, Notion's pricing comparison page may be exactly what you're looking for.

Though, if that's not solving your concerns, let us put it simple for you to understand each plan and its use.

Notion Personal vs Plus Plans (Free vs $8)

If you're using notion just for yourself and you don't have so many heavy files to upload, then Notion's Personal Plan is the free, and also the best option for you.

Hey, the good part is that you can invite 5 guests to your Notion workspaces. Oh, and you also have unlimited pages and blocks. That looks like a pretty nice deal.

Besides what you get in the free plan, with the Notion Plus Plan, you get the following extras: unlimited file uploads and guests, and you also get a 30 day version history.

Though, we really recommend to not rush your decision, because maybe the Personal Plan suits you better than the Plus Plan.

The moral of the story? Start with the free plan and you'll figure out later if you need the paid, personal plan.

Notion Plus vs Business Plans ($8 vs $15)

You may ask 'Why should I choose Notion's Business plan when i can choose Plus?', and you're not wrong questioning that.

The main difference between these two plans is the fact that you can invite 250 team members with the Business Plan, instead of the Plus's infinite amount of guests.

Though, with the Notion Business Plan you also get access to collaborative workspace, you get many other sharing permissions and a few other administrative tools that you don't get with the Plus Plan.

The conclusion here is that you should use the Notion Plus when it's just you and a few other guests working on your projects, while the Notion Business Plan should be used when you have a whole team behind you.

Notion Business vs Enterprise Plans

The Notion Business Plan costs $15 per month, whereas the Notion Enterprise Plan's pricing is different according to your enterprise. To get a price for the Enterprise Plan, you'll have to talk to Notion's sales team.

The key difference between these plans is that Notion Enterprise offers way many other administration features than Notion's Business Plan.

Is it safe to pay for Notion?

Yes, we’re more than happy to say that it’s safe to pay for Notion.

Take a look at Notion’s pricing page, and you’ll see that they are trusted by lots of favourite companies, such as Pixar and Spotify.

So, don’t worry about your credit card being stolen or any kind of scam. Notion is a serious company that wants to help you.

How does Notion charge me?

Notion has two ways of charging you: monthly and yearly. You get to choose that.

Except for the free plan, of course, Notion charges you either monthly or yearly for all of their plans. There’s no such thing as daily or weekly paying to use Notion - only monthly and yearly.

Does my Notion subscription automatically renew?

Your Notion subscription will always renew until you cancel that. If you want to cancel your Notion subscription, don’t forget to do that yourself.

Can I cancel my Notion subscription?

You can cancel your Notion subscription by going to your workspace’s “Settings & Members” section. Once you’re there, hit the “Plans” and then the “Downgrade” buttons.

Once you’ve cancelled your Notion subscription, you will still have access to the paid features until the end of your billing cycle (month or year).

What’s the difference between the free vs paid Notion?

The key difference between Notion’s free and paid plan is that the way that you can collaborate with people.

While the Personal plan (free) allows you to collaborate only with 5 guests, the Plus plan (paid) allows you to invite an infinite amount of guests to collaborate on your projects.

At the same time, the Business plan (paid) lets you invite people to your projects, where you can all work on the same content, at the same time. You also get lots of security and administration features within the Business plan.

At the end of the day, if you’re working alone, the free Personal and the paid Plus plans are what you’re looking for.

Can I build websites with Notion?

You absolutely can and many people use Notion pages as the backbone of their website.

Turning a page into a website takes 1 minute with and here are the most beautiful parts:

Turning a photography page into a Notion website
  • Every change you make in your Notion will be reflected on your website. That's right - no more complicated, spaghetti website builders. Just edit your Notion page and your Notion website is edited
  • No-code required
  • We'll host your Notion website - oh, and we've got a generous free plan
  • It's fast
  • It's seamless
  • Once people start building websites with Notion and, they get addicted: lower barriers for creation means... more creation!

Check out our list of beautiful, free Notion templates to 10x your creation process!

What other free Notion resources are there?

Here's the thing: is a Notion website builder, and our strategy for growth is super simple.

We want to offer as many free, valuable things to people. Why?

In turn, people will get to know about us. Some will become paying customers, others will become friends. Here's a list of a couple of things we've made that will help you:

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