Notion Freelancer Pack: Notion templates and documents that jumpstart your freelancing

Notion templates, optimized with advice from top-earning freelancers
Financial goals
Freelancing journal
Monthly income/expenses trackers
Yearly income reports
Purchase order templates
Client expectations templates
Follow-up templates
Many more
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How to get the Notion Freelancer Pack

How to get the Notion freelancer pack

1. Get the pack

Go at the top of this page, and click the "Try it FREE" button. Just let us know which email address we should send this to and it'll come your way!
Duplicating the Notion documents

2. Duplicate a page

You'll be sent a Notion link. Just duplicate the Notion page, so you can start editing it. This should take you only a few seconds ⚡

3. Freelance 10x better

That's it! Explore the pack on your own, or check out our video (scroll this page). Your freelancing business is now 10x more efficient, all in Notion!

Why pay for the Notion Freelancer Pack when you could make the documents yourself?

Good question! First things first, you might not need the paid, premium version. Have a look at the free pack and perhaps it's got everything you need. Besides, here's a quick comparison to help you make a better decision.

Creating freelancing documents on your own

Out of 100 billable hours...
60 billable hours
40h to create documents
Assuming a $5/h rate, that's a $200 cost for you to create these docs (that's time you could've been billing for)

Using the Notion Freelancer Pack

Out of 100 billable hours...
100 billable hours
5 min spent on documents
Assuming a $5/h rate, that's a cost of... 40¢
If your hourly rate is not fantastically small, it might be worth buying the premium version of the Notion Freelancer Pack, to trade those $ for the time it would take you to create templates for: invoices, contracts, timesheets, etc etc.

What's inside the Notion Frelancer Pack?


Notion CRM for Freelancers

Stay on top of the whole situation: which client's project is at what stage
Calculate current revenue and projected revenue
Move things around the board: what starts when, or which part is starting/finishing at what moment in time
Project done? Move it into your portfolio (which you can turn into a Notion website in a few seconds)
Notion Documents for

Getting clients, growing your freelancing business

An easier onboarding for clients means a higher conversion rate, which ultimately means more $$$ in your freelancing business
Present yourself as a professional with a process that's well put together, with Notion templates for proposals, quotes, briefs
Some templates are for your clients, while others are for you. We've been guided by top-earning freelancers: we've asked them what allows them to earn their high figures. The answer is in the processes we've added in these templates.
Use the Notion Portfolio template to present your best work, in an aesthetic, clean and professional manner
Notion dashboard

A Notion Dashboard for each of your freelancing clients

Your clients can and should interact with this!
The full paper trail is documented for both parties. Besides, this has been optimized alongside top-earning Freelancers, so that you can increase your earnings as well
"Plug and play" document, where all you have to do is plug the name of your client. Save time on every new contract
All the other relevant templates and documents are in here: proposals, contracts, financials, handover procedures
Notion sheets for

(Simplified) Financial management

Simple but efficient invoices in Notion
Interactive expense trackers for your business, but also for your client(s): stay on top of (financial) things
Long-term planning to organize your business: financial goals, income reports + more
Notion templates for

Onboarding + retaining clients

The templates included help you standardize the setup of a contract, time for which you're not usually billing
Saved time, a more professional look (thanks to the process), clearer terms, a better understanding. Ultimately, a healthier business
In a healthy business, most of your revenue comes from retaining clients, not just getting new ones. The pack helps you with that as well.
Define boundaries with: NDAs, Scope of Work documents, or just the Clients' Expectations Checklist template
Notion pages for

Journaling your journey as a freelancer

There's even more to it besides just the business front of your freelancing business: the "you" front
Personal journals for finances, self-improvement, or personal + professional goals
Ultimately, your freelancing business is built around you, so we've put together Notion templates that help you develop yourself
Notion systems for

(Productive) Project management

Document meeting notes, timesheets, presentations in Notion, for you and your client(s)
Use interactive Notion templates: Project Tracker or the Project Timeline. Use them for yourself, for your clients, or for both!
Organize your creative output with the Notion Moodboard template or the Notion Presentations template for clients
Have stress-free hand-offs with the Final Files document

Frequently asked questions

Why is this for free?
It's very simple. We're offering a Notion website builder.

Therefore, our strategy is pretty simple: we give out a lot more useful stuff for free to people than others do → people get to know about us. Some people will become paying customers, while others will become friends.

That's it. That's our philosophy.
Is it worth getting this? Why would I?
Hey, honestly? There are two ways to look at it:

1. The free version is very generous, so it costs nothing to try
2. We've spent hundreds of hours, so that you won't have to spend 10 hours writing these. Plus, imagine how much time we've saved the world: if 1,000 people download this, that's 10,000 hours saved (versus the 100+ we've spent).

Besides, it's in our interest to make this better. Got some feedback? We're happy to hear it.
How do I get this?
Go to the top of the page → click the coloured button. You'll be able to get download what we've presented on this page!
Are there going to be updates?
There sure are! And if you want to be updated, just get this (at least the generous freebie version), and you'll receive emails about upgrades we make to these.

We promise not to spam you — as another FAQ above suggests, we like to keep a tidy relationship.