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Credible agencies must have credible websites. Earn your free website built in Notion - all of this in just under a minute!
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Agency Website Builder In Notion
Agency Website Builder In Notion
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Build your agency's website in Notion is here to help you build your agency a minimalistic, yet a beautiful website in under a minute. We know how much you care about your website's looks, and in order to provide help for all sorts of agencies, we've prepared some templates for you.

People often say that the way that an agency's website looks like describes the quality of the service that agency provides. As we don't want to let you down, we're doing our best to make not only your website, but your product great as well.

Notion Agency Website Builder

Low effort, great results

All of the agency websites built with are done in Notion, so that means that you don't have to do much effort to get an awesome website. That's because Notion offers this simple user interface which allows you to create your website only by dragging and dropping the blocks which your desire.

All websites are beautiful

Yet again, since Notion is so simple to use, it is impossible to build an ugly agency website. That is because however many blocks you want to add, the classic Notion is the same and all of the pages look beautiful.

Fast pages, good ranking

People who've launched websites in the past are enjoying how fast and easy it is to build a personal website with Besides, we've taken care of everything for you: SEO, backend functionality, fast-loading pages, etc.

Start with a template

There are many ways one can design their own website, and to help you get started, we have provided some templated templates that may assist you. Pick the one that suits your requirements best.

How to build an agency website in Notion

Creating an agency's website in Notion is not as hard as the old clunky website creators. Moreover, here we have a really simple process which takes no longer than 23 steps.

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1. Create a Notion page

Start a Notion page and be sure to copy its link (hit "Share" and there's your page's link).

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2. Paste the link here

The easiest place to drop the link is in the top-right corner's box which tells you to do so.

3. Create the website

After waiting a minute, your website is done and live to the world. How awesome is that?

Why use our agency website builder?

Here are a few of the reasons why we think you should consider using to build your design agency's website.

Code-free websites

With Simple.Ink, you get to make a website for your agency without needing any coding knowledge! Simple.Ink is here to help everyone make websites without needing to know how to write code.

More time for you generates design agency websites built in Notion. With a variety of beautiful standard templates which you can customizse. The three-click install process helps you get started on building your own business website.

Helpful guides

Building a website can used to be challenging, but our team puts together in-depth guides full of tips and tricks to help everyone learn how to do it. Our library is updated regularly so that you can always rest assured that all the information available to you is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant. We know it's going to take a lot of effort on your part, but we're here for you every step of the way - just ask us anything!

Live support for you

On top of our guides, our customer service team is always happy to lend a helping hand where required. Get in touch with one of our team of experts at any time through the blue bubble located directly on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and they'll be more than happy to help you get anything sorted!

Frequently asked questions

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Do I need to know how to code?
Not at all! takes care of everything so that you can build, upgrade and maintain your website without having to know how to code. It's faster, more effective and leaner than going for the manual route of setting up a website.

If you know how to code, you can make use of that, but it's not required.
Do I need a paid Notion plan to use
Not at all! You can use the free plan of Notion and still use to its full potential.
What counts as a website?
One website will mean one domain and all its subpages. Whether that's a subdomain with us (e.g., or a custom domain of yours (e.g., that's one plan.

Got multiple custom domains? You'll need a paid plan for each one.
How do you compare to ______?
We have a generous free plan, so I (= Daniel, the founder) encourage you to make the comparison yourself! It costs you nothing - and no hard feelings if you don't want to go with us.

We would really love to know what made you go with us or somebody else! If you could take a moment to write us about that, it'd help us create a stronger product.
What if I have more questions?
Then we're standing by to help. Contact us, and we'll do our best to help 🤗 (use the live chat bubble in the lower right corner

What's different about

Free is completely free to start. Just paste a link and start building your website!
Fast to use, fast to load. The experience will be snappy for you and your viewers.
We're taking care of setting your website up for SEO. See you on the first page(s)!
Optimized for 0 headache was made to... well, simplify. We're working hard to simplify even more things for you.
The power of no-code is unleashed with No coding skills required!
Powerful works hard to help you build the website you want, when and where you want it