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Build a blog in Notion, with our Notion blog maker. Go live in 1 minute: free and fast
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Create a Blog with Notion
Create a Blog with Notion
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Build a Notion blog, no-code required

Loving the writing experience in Notion? Want to write your blog in Notion and have it go live on a website? With our Notion website maker, your Notion page can become your blog. If you're already using Notion to write down all your ideas and thoughts — or even better, your blog posts before going live on WordPress, Squarespace, or any other website builder — why not keep it all in one app?

Any changes you make to your Notion pages will be applied on your live blog website. Besides, using, you get an unlimited freemium plan, with free Notion hosting! Alternatively, you can get on one of our premium plans if you need extra features such as custom domains, so that your blog can be hosted on a domain you own.

Want to stick to a free plan? That's perfectly fine — sign up today to get your unique subdomain (and username)

Perfect SEO

At, we're taking care of everything that might be a headache for you: that includes the technical aspect of SEO. Our Notion blog website maker is optimized so that there is nothing stopping your blog posts from reaching #1 positions in search engines!

Perfect writing experience

Writers rejoice at the ability to write with Notion. The problem? There's a gap between writing in Notion and turning that into a blog. With, that gap is taken care of: everything that's technical is handled by us, so you can focus on what you love — writing.

Flexible thanks to Notion

Blogs are a great way to get your voice heard and to connect with people all over the world. With our Notion blog maker, you can express yourself in a visually appealing way. No coding is required. You have the option to choose your own theme (see below). Once your blog is up you can start writing anything you like! Create your blog today and start your journey as a writer.


Ditch the need to hire a web developer and learn how to create a professional-looking blog. Build a blog and publish your content easily, no technical knowledge required. We provide free templates and with Notion's ability to customize, sky is the limit. Your simple blog is ready to go in under a minute.

Clean aesthetic

With Notion, you can't get it wrong: any way you re-arrange the elements will lead to an aesthetic blog. This way, you're getting an edge over other bloggers. While they have to worry about themes, arranging elements on the website, etc — you'll breeze through that with our Notion templates and themes (scroll below to see all our templates).

Grows with you

Are you writing a blog by yourself, but might one day have a team around you? Got a team already working on your blog? With our Notion blog website builder, you can add in collaborators or keep it a solo project: regardless, your costs don't increase.

How to make a Notion blog website

Create a blog in 1 minute, add pages in one click and get ready to be found online by your audience.

Building a blog with Notion can be done in 3 easy steps:

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1. Write your blog in Notion

If you're just starting out, make sure you save yourself some time by using our templates below. If you're already started, you're pretty much done: just make sure the pages and posts are organized the way you want them to look like.

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2. Paste a link

Click 'Share' in the main page of your Notion blog, to get the share URL. Put that into Don't know how to do that? Check out our guide here.

3. Go live with your Notion blog!

In about 1 minute from the moment when you placed the share link, your Notion blog will be live! That's it! Blog away from this moment onwards and enjoy the simple effectiveness of your website. Feel adventurous and want to customize your website? Check out our Notion guides for your blog website here.

Why create your blog in Notion?

Here are a couple of reasons why using a Notion blog website builder is a good idea:

Quickest setup

Creating a blog in can take as little as 1 minute. Moreover, you can save a lot of time by using one of our pre-made templates. Need a new blog in a few months from now? The simplicity of (the name suggests it) allows you to move as fast as possible.

Beautiful writing experience

Writers love Notion. The different types of blocks, the ability to move them around or to transform them — or perhaps the synced blocks feature. The thing is: once you see this text editor, you can't unsee it. We, ourselves, wanted Notion's text editor everywhere. Why not have that powerful writing experience when writing your blog?

More engaging writing

Toggle lists, synced blocks, callout sections — all these are not unique to Notion, but the way they're offered to you makes them very powerful for a blog. As even search engines keep an eye on how much people are interacting with your website (clicks, time spent on page, etc) for SEO, this can be an advantage.

Easy + customizable

Easy to use, but highly customizable. Our site builder was developed with end users in mind. It was built to be easy and intuitive. With, we offer a high level of customization and you can create a fully functioning blog website with minimal technical knowledge.

More and more Notion blog themes

As time goes by, we'll keep adding more and more Notion blog themes for you. You can go forward with the templates we have today, but we'll keep adding different UI layouts for your blog. Customize your Notion-based blog, or keep it simple with the Notion layout!


Do you need a blog, but you have a team that helps you with your website? Or maybe you need an easy way to collaborate on a project with other writers? No matter what, with, collaboration is embedded within, as Notion allows it.

Frequently asked questions

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Do I need to know how to code?
Not at all! takes care of everything so that you can build, upgrade and maintain your website without having to know how to code. It's faster, more effective and leaner than going for the manual route of setting up a website.

If you know how to code, you can make use of that, but it's not required.
Do I need a paid Notion plan to use
Not at all! You can use the free plan of Notion and still use to its full potential.
What counts as a website?
One website will mean one domain and all its subpages. Whether that's a subdomain with us (e.g., or a custom domain of yours (e.g., that's one plan.

Got multiple custom domains? You'll need a paid plan for each one.
How do you compare to ______?
We have a generous free plan, so I (= Daniel, the founder) encourage you to make the comparison yourself! It costs you nothing - and no hard feelings if you don't want to go with us.

We would really love to know what made you go with us or somebody else! If you could take a moment to write us about that, it'd help us create a stronger product.
What if I have more questions?
Then we're standing by to help. Contact us, and we'll do our best to help 🤗 (use the live chat bubble in the lower right corner

What's different about

Free is completely free to start. Just paste a link and start building your website!
Fast to use, fast to load. The experience will be snappy for you and your viewers.
We're taking care of setting your website up for SEO. See you on the first page(s)!
Optimized for 0 headache was made to... well, simplify. We're working hard to simplify even more things for you.
The power of no-code is unleashed with No coding skills required!
Powerful works hard to help you build the website you want, when and where you want it