Simple.Ink: A Free & Simple Alternative to

Turning your notion page into a website should not only be easy, fast and simple, but also FREE. And that’s what we are all about, offering a FREE, easy and simple solution so that you can launch your first Notion Website in 1 MINUTE.

Get Started in 1 Minute

Paste your Notion link, hit the button, and you are LIVE! That simple. No lengthy setup and no headache. Then, if needed customize your page, menu & footer.

Get Started for Free

Unlike HelpKit.So, with Simple.Ink it costs you nothing to build your website — or to keep it running. With a generous unlimited free plan, you'll only have to pay if you want premium features.

Launch Unlimited Websites

We don’t like limits. You can create as many websites as you like for FREE. Or choose our UNLIMITED plan and multiple premium websites with no extra cost. vs

Free Plan

Unlimitied Websites

Time to Launch

1 min
15 min+

Notion website hosting+building

Faster launch


Automatic pretty URLs

Ability to pause subscription

Want to take a break from paying? We offer that option: your website won't be deleted. Rather, it'll be moved to its' subdomain version (e.g., instead of your custom domain.

Password-protected pages

Free migrations

Migration = we'll move your website from to You give us access, we'll take care of the rest: 0 stress for you.

Live chat support

SEO Optimized



Maximum Websites

Unlimited Websites for $32.50
Unlimited with $15-$63/Month/Site

Going to as a Helpkit alternative for Notion website building: why do people do it?

This is why people are making the switch from Helpkit to

Free to start, free to maintain

We're the HelpKit alternative that's on your side. If things are get hard and you won't be able to keep paying for, we've got you — just switch to the free plan, move to a subdomain (e.g., and your hosting is on us.

Faster launch

It takes as little as 1 minute to launch a website with Here's the good news: need a new website, for that podcast you always thought of? Or that 'help center'? It takes the same amount of time — people get addicted to creating websites with the simplicity of Notion and

We're optimizing for 0-headache

We have a different philosophy about no-code tools. We believe they were meant to simplify the workload. What before took hours to set up, should take now as little as... a few minutes. Our loving customers know (and have told us) that what they love about us is that we'll keep optimizing for seamless processes.

Free migrations

This wouldn't be a HelpKit vs comparison if we wouldn't mention free migrations. Here's how it works: if you want to switch over to us, we'll take care of moving your website from HelpKit to our alternative Notion website builder. This is available if you sign up for a free plan, where you're saving more $ anyway!

Scale with NO EXTRA Cost

If you want to create more than one website, Simple.Ink is your best option.With our new UNLIMITED PLAN, you can create multiple websites with no extra cost.

With you need to pay for every website separately. Now let’s compare our pricing with that:
Premium WebsitesSubscriptionCost per Websites
1Unlimited Yearly: $32.50$32.50/month
3Unlimited Yearly: $32.50$10.83/month
5Unlimited Yearly: $32.50$6.5/month
10Unlimited Yearly: $32.50$3.25/month

Questions about vs Helpkit

Do you offer a guarantee for this HelpKit alternative comparison?

Our unlimited free plan is available to anyone, so we highly encourage you to make try it for yourself! There's nothing to be lost if you sign up now, by turning a Notion page into a website. You can also use one of our templates to start. And hey: no hard feelings, should you decide to not go with us. However... we would really love to hear more: what made you go with us or somebody else! If you could take a moment to write us about that, it'd help us create a stronger product, which we'd highly appreciate!

What counts as a website?

One website will mean one domain and all its subpages. Whether that's a subdomain with us (e.g., or a custom domain of yours (e.g., that's one plan. Got multiple custom domains? Instead of getting a paid plan for them separately, now you can choose the UNLIMITED Plan and host all your website for one monthly subscription.

Do I need a paid Notion plan to use

Not at all! You can use the free plan of Notion and still use to its full potential.

Do I need to know how to code?

Not at all! takes care of everything so that you can build, upgrade and maintain your website without having to know how to code. It's faster, more effective and leaner than going for the manual route of setting up a website.

If you know how to code, you can make use of that, but it's not required.

What if I have more questions?

Then we're standing by to help. Contact us, and we'll do our best to help 🤗