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Do you need custom hosting for your Notion website?


Notion website hosting is included in all our plans.

Just to be clear: if you're asking whether you need any hosting plan from a website hosting company — the answer is no.

Once your website is built with Simple.ink, it's also hosted by us, so you won't have to worry about anything else.

Our Notion hosting comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth. Your content is automatically backed up too in Notion. If you need a custom domain, you can use our premium features, part of the paid plan(s) that we offer.

The best part? We also have a free plan. So... the conclusion is pretty clear: we offer free Notion website hosting and building!

What if I already have a website hosting plan?

We pretty much include hosting for free with the Notion website builder features, so that shouldn't be a problem.

If you already have a website (e.g. example.com) and you only want a Notion page (plus its subpages) to be hosted, we're working really hard to make that possible: coming soon! That said, you can host your Notion website as a subdomain (e.g. subdomain.me.com)

Practical example: you have myfirm.com, but you want your firm's podcast page built with Notion, due to its simplicity and speed of iteration. Two options are available:

  • Option 1: Host the podcast page on podcast.myfirm.com and your Notion page's content is available there
  • Option 2 (coming soon): We'll soon announce the possibility of adding your Notion page website (a sub-website now... right?) on myfirm.com/podcast
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