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March 28, 2024

If a visitor opens your website and then leaves, it is lost forever. But if a visitor comes to your page, and gives you an email address, then it turns into a lead. It becomes part of your audience, and might one day become your customer.

This is why email marketing & lead generation is so crucial. If your website doesn’t turn visitors into email subscribers, then you are not using it to it’s full potential.

In this short article we will show you how you can use Simple.Ink’s Email Protected Page feature to collect visitor’s email address.

What you need:

A Magnet - A valuable Piece of Information

First of all, in order to ask for anyone’s email address, you need to give something valuable in exchange. So you need to think of a piece of information that would give value to your visitor. This can be anything from an article, how-to guide, eBook to a digital product like an icon set or template.

A CTA - Call to Action

A CTA basically tells visitors if they go to page X, they will receive Y information. You should use CTA as frequently as possible. On every page that you have, or any blog post that you publish, you should offer visitors your “Free Valuable Information”, that they can access by giving you their email address.

Email Protect Page Feature

With the new update, Simple.Ink now has “Email Protect Page” feature, that basically let’s you block access to any page on your Simple.Ink website. By enabling this feature on any page, your visitor can only access the page if they provide a valid email address.

The User Experience:

The process is very simple. You can use multiple traffic sources to send people to your email protected page. You can have multiple CTA’s throughout your website, but you can also directly send traffic from other sources, like social media.

  1. The visitor opens the page
  2. Gives a valid Email address
  3. Receives a temporary access link via mail

How to set it up:

1. Create the Magnet Page

First you need a page that you want to email protect. This page should contain the valuable information that you want to offer users.

2. Email Protect the Page

When you have the page ready, you can enable the Email Protection feature. In order to do this, in Simple.Ink’s left sidebar menu select Website→ Pages. On this page you can see all of your website’s pages. Click on the page that you want to email protect. Then click on Email Protectionand press the Enable email protection button.

3. Start Collecting Email Addresses

Once your page is ready and you email protected it, you can start collecting potential future customers. Every time someone accesses this page by providing an email address, it will appear as a new entry in under the Email Protection feature page.

4. (OPTIONAL) Add analytics to the page

Numbers don’t lie. And the best way to improve your results, is to implement tracking & analytics. You can easily do that with Notionlytics. Just as, Notionlytics is very easy to use. All you need to do is to create a widget and embed it to your Notion page. That’s it.

This way, you will have exact statistics of how many people visited your page, along with more advanced stats like location, new vs returning users, time spent on page, and so on. Sign up for Notionlytics Today!

As you already may know, Simple.Ink is all about simplicity & easiness. So any time we come with a new feature, it also has to be simple, so that you can quickly implement it without any headache.

Email protection is no different. No complicated process. You can enable it on any page you want by only a press of a button. The feature is simple, but the possibilities and use cases are endless.

We can’t wait to see all the different ways and scenarios that you will use this feature.

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