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March 15, 2024

How many times you found yourself in a situation where you knew that you have a particular information in your notes somewhere, but you just can’t find it? Well, fortunately that’s over as Notion introduced Notion Q&A feature, powered by Notion AI.

What is Notion Q&A?

Q&A is designed to quickly provide you with the information you need to unblock your work. Whether you’re part of a project team, managing a database, or simply curious, Q&A aims to be your go-to resource for answers.

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Here’s how it works:

  1. Search Across Your Workspace: When you ask a question using Q&A, it scans across the pages in your workspace that you have access to. It never uses information from pages you don’t have permission to view.
  1. Workspace-Specific Responses: Q&A references pages you’ve created, been invited to, or those with privacy settings set to “Everyone at {your workspace}.” So, it tailors its responses based on the content available to you.
  1. Content Synthesis: Q&A synthesizes information across a small number of pages, making it ideal for finding answers quickly. However, it won’t synthesize information across a large number of pages.

How to Access Notion Q&A

While Notion Q&A was announced back in November 13, 2023, it is still in Beta. So if you want to try this feature here is what you’ll need to do.

  1. First, Request Access: If you haven’t yet, you should definitely request access to the Q&A feature. If you haven’t dismissed it, you should have a request access button in the right bottom corner.
  1. Get Notion AI: Notion Q&A is powered by Notion AI, so in order to take advantage of it, you should have Notion AI activated on your workspace.

How to Use Q&A Effectively

  1. Ask Relevant Questions: Good questions include inquiries about recent team meetings, processes, or specific tasks.
  1. Content-Rich Workspaces: To maximize Q&A’s effectiveness, ensure your workspace contains at least 100 pages.
  1. Beta Note: Remember that Q&A is currently in beta, so it’s a work in progress. If you don’t see it yet, keep an eye out for updates.

Examples of Questions for Notion Q&A

Notion Q&A has basically unlimited use cases, but let’s see a couple of examples:

  1. Project Details: “What were the key milestones in Project X?”
  1. Database Queries: “How many active customers do we have in the CRM database?”
  1. Process Clarifications: “Can you explain the approval process for expense reports?”
  1. Best Practices: “What’s the recommended way to organize meeting notes?”
  1. Resource Availability: “Is the design assets folder up to date?”

Notion Q&A is in Beta for while now, and even though it is a great feature, it also has its limitations. So, just keep in mind the following:

What Q&A Does:

  • Searches Efficiently: Q&A scours thousands of pages to find the answer to your question in seconds.
  • Synthesizes Information: It can summarize content across a limited set of pages.
  • Works with Databases: Q&A can pull information from databases and their properties.

What Q&A Doesn’t Do:

  • Extensive Synthesis: It won’t synthesize information across a large volume of pages.
  • Embedded Content: Q&A can’t use content from embedded elements like videos or PDFs.
  • Page Awareness: It doesn’t know which specific page you’re currently viewing.
  • Content Modification: Q&A won’t create or modify your content.
  • Conversations: It doesn’t engage in lengthy back-and-forths.
  • Database Aggregations: Q&A won’t perform aggregations on databases (e.g., counting rows).

Notion’s Q&A feature bridges the gap between information seekers and the wealth of knowledge within their workspace. It is still in Beta, but as it continues to evolve, it promises to enhance productivity as all the great new Notion features do.

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