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July 10, 2024

Notion has become a favourite tool for many due to its flexibility and customisation options. One of the most exciting features is the ability to embed widgets, which can enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your workspace. In this article, we'll dive into the top 7 most useful and visually appealing Notion widgets you need to check out.

Widgets in Notion can transform your workspace, making it more interactive and engaging. They provide quick access to essential information, integrate seamlessly with other tools, and allow you to personalise your Notion pages. Whether you're looking to track your habits, keep an eye on the weather, or add some motivational quotes, there's a widget that can help.

Why and How Widgets Can Improve Your Productivity

Widgets can significantly enhance your productivity by offering quick access to essential tools and information, all within your Notion workspace. They streamline your workflow, reduce the need to switch between different apps, and help you stay focused on your tasks. For example, a Pomodoro timer can help you manage your work intervals effectively, while a calendar widget keeps your schedule in view.

How Widgets Work

Widgets work by embedding HTML code into your Notion pages. This means you can integrate various functionalities directly into your workspace without switching between different apps. These widgets can display real-time data, interactive elements, and personalized content, making your Notion pages more interactive and informative.

What do we mean by Notion Widget?

We say Notion widgets, but actually it is a general widget, that can be embedded in any website or app. By Notion widget we basically mean an HTML code, if added in Notion, works great and looks good.

You will see in this article, there are widgets that were created with Notion in mind, but there are others that are just a general HTML widget, that simply works great inside Notion (like weather widgets).

Embedding Widgets in Notion

Embedding widgets in Notion is simple. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Copy the HTML Embed Code: Obtain the embed code from the widget provider.
  2. Paste the Code in Notion: Open your Notion page, type /embed and select the "Embed" option.
  3. Insert the Code: Paste the HTML code into the embed block and click "Embed link."

This method allows you to integrate a wide range of widgets, from simple to complex, enhancing the functionality of your Notion workspace.

Alternative method.

Depending on the widget, it might work just to simply copy the link and paste it in your Notion page. This will give you a couple of options, one being the embed option.

Top 7 Most Useful & Aesthetic Notion Widgets

Below we’re take the 7 most useful cases where a widget can help you in your Notion setup, and we’ll give you the best option for each. So let’s start:

1. Weather Notion Widget

Notion Weather Widget

Our Recommendation:

Why It’s Helpful: Having a weather widget embedded in your Notion page means you don’t need to open a separate app or webpage to check the weather. This saves time and helps you stay focused.

Use Case: Imagine you have a busy day ahead with meetings scattered throughout. Checking the weather quickly can help you decide whether to carry an umbrella or wear a coat, ensuring you’re prepared no matter what the day brings.

More Awesome Notion Weather Widgets:

2. Pomodoro Notion Widget

Notion Pomodoro Widget

Our Recommendation:

Why It’s Helpful: The Pomodoro Technique is a proven time management method that boosts productivity and keeps you fresh. Embedding a Pomodoro timer in Notion means you have this powerful tool right where you plan and execute your tasks.

Use Case: Let’s say you have a project that requires intense focus, but you also want to avoid burnout. Using a Pomodoro timer can help you work in short, focused intervals with breaks in between, maintaining high productivity levels.

More awesome Notion Pomodoro Widgets:

3. Habit Tracker Notion Widget

Notion Habit Tracker Widget

Our Recommendation:

Why It’s Helpful: Tracking your habits can significantly improve your chances of sticking to them. A habit tracker widget in Notion keeps this information at your fingertips, helping you maintain accountability.

Use Case: If you’re trying to build a new habit, like daily exercise or reading, a habit tracker can visually remind you of your progress, motivating you to stay consistent.

Also check out the habit tracker widget by

4. Button Notion Widget

Notion Buttons

Our Recommendation:

Why It’s Helpful: Button widgets enhance efficiency by providing one-click solutions for repetitive tasks or frequently accessed resources. Not to mention that a beautiful widget can also make your Notion page much more aesthetic.

Use Case: Sometimes you need to trigger an action quickly, like opening a specific website, starting a new Notion page, or sending an email. A button widget can simplify these actions.

Also check out the button widget by

5. Countdown Timer Notion Widget

Notion Countdown Timer Widget

Our Recommendation:

Why It’s Helpful: Countdown timers create a sense of urgency, which can boost productivity. They are especially useful for tracking time until deadlines or upcoming events.

Use Case: Imagine you’re working on a big project with a tight deadline. A countdown timer can help you stay aware of how much time you have left, keeping you motivated and focused.

More awesome Notion Countdown Timer Widgets:

6. Quotes Notion Widget

Notion Quotes Widget

Our Recommendation:

Why It’s Helpful: Inspirational quotes can boost your morale and keep you motivated throughout the day. Having them embedded in your Notion workspace ensures you see them regularly.

Use Case: Starting your day with a dose of inspiration can set a positive tone. A quotes widget can provide daily motivational quotes, helping you stay inspired and focused.

More awesome Notion Quote Widgets:

7. Music Player

Notion Music Widget

Use Case: Background music can enhance your concentration while working. A music player widget allows you to play your favorite tracks without leaving your Notion workspace.

Why It’s Helpful: Music can improve focus and create a pleasant working environment. Embedding a music player in Notion means you can control your music without interrupting your workflow.

Music streaming services that you can add to your Notion page:

  • Apple Music
  • Spotify
  • YouTube

Discovering Other Beautiful Notion Widgets

Finding remarkable widgets for Notion is easier than you might think. Many widgets available online can be embedded into Notion simply by using their URL. This means any interactive web app with a shareable URL can enhance your Notion workspace.

With Notion's rise in popularity, several websites have emerged, offering customizable widgets tailored for Notion. Here are some top sites to explore:

  • Notionavenue: This site features three minimalist and aesthetically pleasing in-house widgets (Pomodoro Timer, Stopwatch, and Digital Clock) along with a curated selection of other widgets.
  • Indify: Currently offering nine widgets with more in development, Indify provides buttons, clocks, countdowns, counters, Google Calendar, life progress bars, quotes, and a weather widget. They offer unlimited widget use.
  • Widgetbox: With 13 customizable widgets, Widgetbox includes calendars, weather, buttons, countdowns, quotes, and a life progress bar. You can access five widgets for free before needing to subscribe for more.
  • Apption: Acting like a search engine for widgets, Apption curates some of the best web widgets for easy inclusion in your workspace. However, customization options are limited, and not all widgets are visually appealing compared to other curated collections.
  • GetKairo: Specializing in cute, animated widgets to track various life aspects, GetKairo can add a lively touch to your workspace. The catch is that GetKairo offers only a trial period, after which you need to pay for continued use.

By exploring these sites, you can find a variety of widgets to enhance and personalize your Notion setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I embed any HTML code into Notion?

Yes, Notion allows you to embed any HTML code, making it highly versatile and customizable.

2. Are these widgets free to use?

Many widgets are free, but some may offer premium features at a cost. Always check the terms on the widget provider's website.

3. Will embedding widgets affect Notion's performance?

Generally, embedding a few widgets won't significantly impact performance, but adding too many might slow down your page.

4. Can I customize the appearance of the widgets?

Many widget providers offer customization options such as color schemes, sizes, and display preferences. But it totally depends on the widget you choose.

5. Do these widgets work on mobile devices?

Most widgets are responsive and work well on mobile devices, but it's always good to test them on different screen sizes.

6. How can I remove a widget from my Notion page?

Simply click on the widget block and delete it as you would with any other Notion block.

7. Are there any security concerns with embedding widgets?

Always use widgets from reputable sources to avoid any security risks. Embedding code from unknown sources can pose potential security threats.


Incorporating widgets into your Notion workspace can significantly enhance its functionality and aesthetic appeal. From productivity boosters like Pomodoro timers and habit trackers to engaging elements like quotes and music players, there's a widget for every need.

By embedding these tools, you can create a personalized, interactive workspace that keeps you organized and motivated. Explore these options, customize them to your liking, and enjoy a more streamlined workflow with Notion.

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