How To Add Comments In Notion (2023)

How To Add Comments In Notion (2023)

You're probably on this page because:

  • You've got a Notion page or Notion website;
  • And you want to add comments there;
  • But you're not quite sure how to do it.

By the end of reading this post, you'll know everything about adding comments to a Notion page or website.

We'll show you two different approaches to add Notion comments. First, let's look at Notion's way, and then at an external tool for as well.

How to add comments in Notion (for free)

Enable adding comments to a Notion page by opening it and clicking the little Add comment button below the page's icon and cover image.

You can add as many comments as needed. Besides, you can even make a to-do list over there and mark the comments as solved.

1. Enable comments

First of all, open the Notion page where you want to add comments. For this guide, we're using our one of our Notion templates (they're all free).

How to add comments in Notion

Hover your cursor above the page's title, and you'll notice the "Add comment" button in grey.

Click that button in order to enable adding comments in Notion.

2. Type comments

Now's the part where we add comments in Notion.

How to comment on a Notion page

Type anything in the box where it says "Add a comment..." and send it on the page. Then, everybody can see it.

That's it! You've just added a Notion comment following Notion's way.

How to add comments to a Notion website

Use to add comments to your Notion website: Grab the embed code and add it to your Notion website's page inside a Code block's two "#EMBED" tags.

While that may sound a bit complicated, it's really not that hard. Let's go into the step-by-step tutorial for this way to add Notion comments too.

1. Link Commento to Notion

For this Notion connection, we're going to use Commento in order to add the comment widget in our mock Notion website.

Sign up to Commento and add your website's name and URL. You'll then see a screen with the embed code of your comment widget, like so:

How to add Commento in Notion

Click "ADD DOMAIN" once filling the two fields.

2. Get the embed code

After signing up on Commento, you will be forwarded to a screen where you can see your widget's embeddable code.

How to embed comments in Notion

Simply copy your comment widget's embed code: right click and copy.

3. Add it in Notion

Now you have to go to the page which hosts your Notion website and create a Code block where you'll add the previously-copied lines.

Note: This only works with Notion-made websites. If you do this in a regular Notion page, the feature won't work.

With this being said, let's create a code block by typing "/code" and selecting Code from the list.

How to make a Code block in Notion

It may seem a bit 'scary' to hear anything about code in Notion, but don't worry, the whole job is just copy & paste.

Now, inside the code block that you've just made, simply write the following:

Paste the code you've copied in the first step

You basically have to add the code in-between two "#EMBED" tags.

How to embed a comment widget in Notion

By the end of doing that, your code block should look like ours in the image above.

And then, once you go to the public version of your Notion website, you will see the comment box like so:

How to integrate comments in Notion

That's how you add comments to a Notion website. Not hard, isn't it?

How do I get rid of comments in Notion?

  1. Open a Notion page;
  2. Click Share (top-right corner);
  3. Select Show link options;
  4. Untick Allow comments so it is grey;
How to turn off comments in Notion

This way, whenever you're trying to share the Notion page, people won't be allowed to add comments there.

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