How to add timers in Notion

How to add timers in Notion

If yo uwant to add timers within Notion, let us tell you that you can do that really easy.

Adding a timer to your Notion pages is also useful especially when you have a landing page and you want to give a people an idea of when the producti s going to be released.

With all of this being said, let's jump into the guide!

How to add timers in Notion

To add a timer in Notion, you simply need to copy the widget's HTML code or the embeddable link and add it in a Notion Embed block.

Keep on reading this guide for the full way to embed timer widgets in Notion.

1. Copy the HTML code of a timer widget

The first step in your journey of adding a timer in Notion pages is simply finding the right timer. For this example, we've used for this widget. Feel free to use whatever widget you like the most!

how to add a timer in notion

Though, if you want to go with TimeAndDate, once you've customised the timer widget for Notion, scroll to the bottom of the page and copy the whole textbox of the "HTML code" section.

2. Add the code in

Up next, you want to go to the dashboard of your Notion-built website, and you want to add the code that we've previosuly copied in there.

To get there, you first have toe expand the "Site customizations" menu, and then you have to go to the "Custom code" section.

how to add timers in notion

Upon pasting the widget of your timer in the custom code section, make sure to hit the "Save changes" button.

That was it! You've now succesfully embedded a timer widget in Notion.

Can you add a timer in Notion?

Notion doesn't have a 'Timer' feature, but you can embed a timer widget from over the internet. It's' super easy!

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