How to add timers in Notion (2024 Guide)

How to add timers in Notion (2024 Guide)

Using timers and countdowns in Notion can significantly enhance your productivity by keeping you on track with deadlines and managing your time effectively.

This guide will show you how to integrate various timer widgets into your Notion pages, including stopwatches, countdowns, clocks, and Pomodoro timers.

If you want to add timers within Notion, let us tell you that you can do that really easy.

Adding a timer to your Notion pages is also useful especially when you have a landing page and you want to give a people an idea of when the product is going to be released.

Why Use Timers in Notion?

Timers can help you stay focused on tasks, track project deadlines, and manage your daily schedule. Adding timers to your Notion workspace makes it easier to monitor time without switching between apps.

With all of this being said, let's jump into the guide!

Types of Timer Widgets for Notion

1. Countdown Timers

Countdown timers are perfect for tracking the time remaining until a deadline or event. They can help you stay aware of how much time you have left to complete tasks.

2. Stopwatch Widgets

Stopwatch widgets are useful for tracking the time spent on tasks, which can help in improving productivity and time management.

3. Clocks

Adding a clock to your Notion page can help you keep an eye on the current time without leaving the workspace. This is particularly useful for those who work across different time zones.

4. Pomodoro Timers

Pomodoro timers help in managing work sessions and breaks using the Pomodoro Technique, which involves working for 25 minutes followed by a 5-minute break.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Timers in Notion

1. Choose a Timer Widget Provider

Several websites offer embeddable timer widgets suitable for Notion:

  • Offers a variety of customizable timer widgets.
  • Provides a range of timers, including countdowns, stopwatches, and Pomodoro timers.
  • Features various timers and clocks that can be embedded in Notion.
  • Highly customisable countdown widget
  • Great clock, stopwatch and pomodoro timers.

2. Customise the Chosen Widget

Visit your chosen widget provider’s website and generate the timer widget code. Customize the timer, countdown or clock widget according to your needs (e.g., setting the countdown time, choosing a stopwatch, or configuring a Pomodoro timer).

3. Copy the Embed Code or URL

Once you have customised your timer, copy the provided HTML embed code or URL. There are widgets that work with a simple URL, others with an HTML embeddable code.

how to add a timer in notion

Though, if you want to go with TimeAndDate, once you've customised the timer widget for Notion, scroll to the bottom of the page and copy the whole textbox of the "HTML code" section.

4. Embed the Timer in Notion

  1. Open Notion: Navigate to the Notion page where you want to add the timer.
  2. Create an Embed Block: Type “/embed” and select the “Embed” block from the menu.
  3. Paste the Embed Code

If you have a simple URL generated by the tool you chose at step one, you can just simply past the link in your Notion page and select "Embed".

5. Adjust the Timer Display

After embedding, you can adjust the size and position of the timer widget within your Notion page to ensure it fits well with your existing layout.

OPTIONAL: If you have a Simple.Ink Website - Add the code in

If you have website created with Notion + you can add the widget by adding as a custom code inside

To do that, you want to go to the dashboard of your Notion-built website, and you want to add the code that we've previosuly copied in there.

To get there, you first have toe expand the "Site customizations" menu, and then you have to go to the "Custom code" section.

how to add timers in notion

Upon pasting the widget of your timer in the custom code section, make sure to hit the "Save changes" button.

Advanced Tips for Using Timers in Notion

Customizing Timer Widgets

  • Color and Size: Customize the color and size of your timer widgets to match your Notion theme.
  • Notification Alerts: Some timer widgets offer notification alerts when the countdown reaches zero.

Using Multiple Timers

  • Task-Specific Timers: Use different timers for different tasks to track time spent on each.
  • Daily Schedules: Create a daily schedule with multiple countdown timers to stay on track throughout the day.

Embedding Clocks for Multiple Time Zones

  • Global Teams: If you work with a global team, embed clocks showing different time zones to keep track of your colleagues' local times.
  • Personal Schedule: Add a clock to your personal dashboard to monitor the current time while working.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add a timer in Notion?

Notion doesn't have a 'Timer' feature, but you can embed a timer widget from over the internet. It's' super easy!

How Do I Add a Timer Widget in Notion?

To add a timer widget in Notion, generate an embed code from a widget provider, then use the “/embed” block in Notion to paste and display the widget.

Best Timer Notion Widget:

Can I Use a Stopwatch Widget in Notion?

Yes, you can use a stopwatch widget in Notion by embedding it using the “/embed” block with the appropriate HTML code from a widget provider.

Best Stopwatch Notion Widget:

What Are the Benefits of Using Timers in Notion?

Timers help in managing time more effectively, tracking task durations, and staying aware of deadlines, thereby enhancing productivity.

How Do I Add a Clock to Notion?

To add a clock to Notion, generate the embed code from a clock widget provider, then use the “/embed” block to display the clock within your Notion page.

Best Clock Notion Widget:,

Can I Customize the Timer Widgets in Notion?

Yes, most timer widget providers offer customization options such as changing colors, sizes, and adding alerts.

How Do I Add a Pomodoro Timer in Notion?

To add a Pomodoro timer, generate the embed code from a widget provider like or, then embed it in Notion using the “/embed” block.

Best Pomodoro Notion Widget:


Adding timers to Notion is a straightforward process that significantly boosts productivity and time management. By following this guide, you can seamlessly integrate various timer widgets into your Notion pages, making your workspace more efficient and organized.

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