Add Bluehost domains to Notion websites

Add Bluehost domains to Notion websites

If you've just bought a domain on Bluehost and you also have a Notion-bult website, there's good news for you. There is a quick way to connect Bluehost domains to Notion websites!

Within this tutorial, we're going to show you the fastest way to connect the Bluehost registrat to a Notion website. Let's get to it!

How to add Bluehost custom domains in Notion

To put it shortly, you simpyl have to copy's DNS details and paste them into Bluehost's DNS settings.

Keep on reading to see the full explanation about connecting BLuehost custom domains to Notion websites.

1. DNS

First of all, go to your website's "Domain" section in the website builder, and copy the details within the "2. Create your DNS records" section.

notion website google domains

To not type the DNS record manually, here it is:

  • Host/name: @
  • Type: A
  • Value:

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2. Paste the record in BlueHost

Next up, go to Bluehost's Domains page and find your preferred tomain to connect it to your Notion website.

bluehost registrar notion website
Picture credit goes to Bluehost.

What you want to do is click the "▼" icon next to "Manage". Then, select "DNS" in the dropdown.

3. Add a new Bluehost record

Up next, in order to successfully register your Notion website to Bluehost, you'll have to add a record

connect bluehost domains to notion
Picture credit goes to Bluehost.

To do that, simply click the "add Record" button. Once you've clicked that button, you should see a new page, where you ahve to add your DNS details.

In those boxes, you want to add the detials that you've copied at the first step of this guide.

register notion websites in bluehost
Picture credit goes to Bluehost.

Upon pasting the DNS record and saving your changes, you're basically done here.

Then, jusy have to wait a few hours for your website to register within Bluehost, and after that, people will be able to easily use your Notion website hosted by Bluehost!

Can you add Bluehost custom domains to Notion?

Yes. You just have to copy your Notio-built website's DNS record and paste it into Bluehost.

For more lessons, make sure to browse our Notion library of guides. o do that, simply click the "add Record" button.

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