Add HostGator custom domains to Notion websites

Add HostGator custom domains to Notion websites

Got yourself a Notion-built website? If so, then you might be on this page because you also own a HostGator domain that you want to register your Notion website on.

We're here today to teach you how to connect HostGator domains to your Notion website. Let's get at it!

How to add a HostGator custom domain in Notion

To add Notion custom domains, you just have to copy your Notion website's DNS records and paste them in HostGator. That's the short way to answer your question.

Though, if you want to see the full way to connect HostGator registrar domains to Notion websites, keep on reading, as we're going to go deeper in the tutorial.

1. Copy your DNS records

Before going to HostGator, you first want to copy your Notion website's "DomaiN" section in the website builder. There, you should see the DNS records.

notion website google domains

The standard DNS records for all of the Notion websites are the following:

  • Host/name: @
  • Type: A
  • Value:

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2. HostGator DNS settings

Proceeding to the second step of the guide, we now have to go HostGator's DNS records. There, you'll have to add a new record.

hostgator notion custom domains

When HostGator will ask for your DNS records, you'll have to paste the details that you've copied at the first step of this guide.

Once you've added the DNS details from into HostGator, you're 100% done with connecting your custom domain to the Notion website. Wait a few hours, and your changes should be live!

Can I use HostGator to host my Notion website?

Yes, you can use HostGator's custom domains for your Notion website. Simply copy's DNS records and paste them into HostGator's DNS settings.

Thank you for reading this post!

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