How to add reminders in Notion

How to add reminders in Notion

People use Notion to organise their lives because this tool has almost everything you'll ever need.

One of the coolest advantages of Notion is that it has a reminder function. Never forget a task again!

Why create reminders in Notion?

Reminders in Notion can help you plan your days better. This way, you'll make sure to check off every task on your list.

How to make reminders in Notion

1. Create a reminder block

Type "/reminder" and hit enter in order to build a reminder block.

Another way of doing this would be just typing "/" and then scrolling all the way down to "Reminder".

How to add reminders in Notion

2. Add your date and/or time

Up next, you'll have to ad the date and/or time of your reminder. You can simply start typing the everything: minute, hour, day, month, year.

Notion made this function smart enough to easily detect what you want to type.

Can you add reminders in Notion

In this example above, you can see how we set the reminder to "November 12, 2021 at 4:20 AM" in order to show you a lengthier reminder (a detailed reminder).

Keep in mind that you can always change the reminder's details.

Upon clicking on the text which indicates the reminder's date and/or time, you can change its details and you should see something like in this image below.

How to create reminders in Notion

Can you add reminders in Notion?

Yes! Type "/reminder" to build a reminder in Notion. Notion made it really easy for you to build a reminder, as after you've added the block, you can easily type in all of the details of your reminder.

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