How to add vertical dividers in Notion

How to add vertical dividers in Notion

We all know the classic "Divider" block - it's that grey and thin line that helps us divide a side of a page from another.

Sadly, the grey divider block doesn't work vertically, and the only way to use it is horizontally.

If you want to learn how to make vertical divider in Notion, follow this guide. We're more than happy to help!

By the end of the guide, the vertical divider will make things look something like this.

how to make a vertical divider in notion

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Why make a vertical divider in Notion?

A vertical divider is useful because it can give your page a nicer look.

Moreover, you can easily split blocks from the left to the right - this way, you're splitting them in a nicer way.

How to add vertical divider in Notion

The vertical divider is actually the "Quote" block. We're using the black bar that we've got from the vertical divider to make it look line a simple line that's here to divide our content.

1. Add things side by side

First of all, we're going to need to add at least two blocks side-by-side.

Want to learn how to add things side by side in Notion? Click on the blue text to go to our guide that's teaching you how to do that!

can you make vertical dividers notion

In this example below, we've already done that so that we're not going to mix things up with the guide on how to split things in Notion.

2. Add a quotation block

We can do that either by typing "/quote" or by typing "/" and selecting the "Quote" block.

how to add vertical dividers notion

Great! Now we've just made what's soon going to be our vertical divider. Let's see what's next!

3. Arrange the quotation in the middle

What's next is dragging the "Quote" block right in the middle of the content that we've got in the left and on the right sides of the page.

notion quote as a vertical divider

What's happening in this image is moving the quotation block right between the "Important Links" and the "Notice" section.

Basically, we've just added the "Quote" block in the middle of the page.

notion vertical divider guide

Now we have to drag each block's edges so that the content in the left and on the right sides of the image would be properly spread.

What we want to achieve is just having the content in the left and on the right looking just as before adding the quotation block.

4. Adjust the edges of the quotation block

So as to properly define the edges of the quotation block, we need to slide the grey bars at the edge of the block.

These grey bars will appear as soon as you reach and hover on the edge of the "Quote" block.

can you make vertical dividers in notion

At the same time, we also want the quotation block to not disturb the placement of the text on the left and on the right.

Once we've properly fixed the edges of the "Quote" block, the screen should look something like this.

How to make a divider in Notion

At the next step, we're going to have a look at how to get rid of the "Empty quote" inscription.

5. Enlarge the quotation block

To make sure that the "Quote" block will be as small as possible, we need to enlarge it. This would also help us lose the "Empty quote" text.

We can do that by selecting the block and pressing SHIFT + ENTER a few times. This way, we'll skip a few lints of text, and the block will be as narrow as possible.

Notion quote block divider

Press SHIFT + ENTER as much as you need to. In our case, the black line (which stands for the quote) has to be as long as the text that we have on the right side of the page.

You can see that blue rectangle in the image above only because we've selected the "Quote" block.

Can you make a vertical divider in Notion?

Yes. With the help of the "Quote" block, you can easily make a vertical divider in Notion. The quotation block is used as an improvisation, but it works just as fine as the classic "Divider" block.

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