How to embed a PDF in Notion (2023 Updated)

How to embed a PDF in Notion (2023 Updated)

PDF files are great, and they've been around for a long time now... Notion? Notion is an awesome no-code tool, and you can do so many with it.

Ever needed to ad PDF files in Notion, but you didn't really know how to do that? We're here to teach you how to do that.

Follow this guide if you want to learn how to embed PDFs in Notion!

Why add PDF files in Notion?

The main reason is that can fully preview your PDFs in a nice way using your favourite no-code tool.

How to embed PDFs Notion

1. Add a PDF block

Go to your Notion page and type "/PDF". This way, you'll add the PDF-embedding block.

You can also type "/embed". Both the "PDF" and the "Embed" blocks work the same for what we're covering in this guide.

how to embed pdf files notion

Once you see the "PDF" option in the pop-up, be sure to click on it. Then, we're going to move to the next step.

2. Insert your PDF file

For the second step, we have two options. We can either:

  • Upload a PDF file from our system
  • Embed the link of a PDF file from over the internet
can you add pdfs in notion

If you want to upload a file from your system, click on "Upload".

At the same time, if you want to link a PDF file from over the internet, you can do that by clicking "Embed link".

Once you're done adding the PDF file, wait for it to load in Notion. You'll see the percentage of the progress in the bottom side of the block.

3. Resize your PDF file

Lastly, once your PDF file was uploaded in Notion, you can choose to resize it, or you can leave it the way it was uploaded.

how to embed pdfs in notion

Want to resize it? No problem.

On each side of the PDF block, at its edges, you will see a few bars that you can drag around in order to minimise or to expand the PDF block.

Can you insert PDF files in Notion?

Yes, with the help of the PDF block, you can easily add any PDF file in Notion. The file size limit for the Free Plan users is 5MB. With Notion's PRO Plan, you can upload PDFs that weight over 5MB.

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