How to embed a PDF in Notion (2024 Updated)

How to embed a PDF in Notion (2024 Updated)

PDF files are great, and they've been around for a long time now... Notion? Notion is an awesome no-code tool, and you can do so many with it.

Ever needed to ad PDF files in Notion, but you didn't really know how to do that? We're here to teach you how to do that.

Embedding PDFs in Notion is a powerful way to organize and present documents within your workspace. This guide will walk you through the steps to seamlessly embed and import PDFs in Notion, enhancing your productivity and document management.

Why Embed PDFs in Notion?

Embedding PDFs in Notion allows you to consolidate important documents directly within your notes and project pages. This integration streamlines your workflow by keeping all your resources in one place, making it easier to reference and share information.

Ways to add PDFs to Notion

There are multiple ways to add a PDF file onto your Notion page. Let's explore the different options.

Option 1 - Embed PDF in Notion

1.1 Add a PDF block

Go to your Notion page and type "/PDF". This way, you'll add the PDF-embedding block.

You can also type "/embed". Both the "PDF" and the "Embed" blocks work the same for what we're covering in this guide.

how to embed pdf files notion

Once you see the "PDF" option in the pop-up, be sure to click on it. Then, we're going to move to the next step.

1.2. Insert your PDF file

For the second step, we have two options. We can either:

  • Upload a PDF file from our system
  • Embed the link of a PDF file from over the internet
can you add pdfs in notion

If you want to upload a file from your system, click on "Upload".

At the same time, if you want to link a PDF file from over the internet, you can do that by clicking "Embed link".

Once you're done adding the PDF file, wait for it to load in Notion. You'll see the percentage of the progress in the bottom side of the block.

1.3. Resize your PDF file

Lastly, once your PDF file was uploaded in Notion, you can choose to resize it, or you can leave it the way it was uploaded.

how to embed pdfs in notion

Want to resize it? No problem.

On each side of the PDF block, at its edges, you will see a few bars that you can drag around in order to minimise or to expand the PDF block.

Option 2 - Use Google Drive to Embed PDF in Notion

If you use Google Drive on a regular basis, this opens up a great way to embed pdf in Notion. If you have a PDF file in your GDrive, all you need is to get a sharable link from the PDF file, and paste it in your Notion page.

This will give you multiple options:

  • Paste as link - This simply leaves a link to your Gdrive
  • Paste as mention - This will make a nicer link, with a hover effect to see the document
  • Paste as preview - This will add a preview of the document in your page
  • Paste as embed - This will embed the pdf in your Notion page

Option 3 - Upload PDF as File

If you don't want the PDF file to take up space as an embed, you don't need to have it readable in your Notion page, you just want to save it to have it later, you can upload it as a file.

  1. Open Notion: Navigate to the page where you want to embed the PDF.
  2. Upload File: Click on the “+” button or type “/file” and select “Upload” to add the PDF from your computer.
  3. Select the PDF: Choose the PDF file from your device and upload it.

Option 4 - Import PDF into Notion

If you want to extract the information from your PDF document and add it as an editable text in your Notion page, you can use the import feature.

  1. Use the Import Feature: Click on “Import” in the left sidebar.
  2. Select PDF: Choose the PDF file from your device or cloud storage.
  3. Convert and Organize: Notion will convert the PDF into an editable format, allowing you to organize and annotate the content within your Notion page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you insert PDF files in Notion?

Yes, with the help of the PDF block, you can easily add any PDF file in Notion. The file size limit for the Free Plan users is 5MB. With Notion's PRO Plan, you can upload PDFs that weight over 5MB.

Can I Annotate PDFs Directly in Notion?

Notion does not currently support direct PDF annotation. However, you can add comments and highlights within the embedded PDF viewer or use third-party tools for more detailed annotations.

How Do I Import a PDF into Notion?

You can import a PDF by uploading it directly to a Notion page or using the “Import” feature in the sidebar to convert it into an editable format within Notion.

Is There a File Size Limit for PDFs in Notion?

Yes, Notion has a file size limit for uploads. The limit is 5MB for free users and Unlimited for paid plans.

Can I Use PDF Widgets in Notion?

Yes, you can use PDF widgets to embed and display PDFs in Notion. Simply use the embed block and paste the link to the PDF widget.

How Secure Are My PDFs in Notion?

Notion uses encryption to protect your data. However, for highly sensitive documents, consider additional security measures like password protection on the original PDF file.


Embedding PDFs in Notion is a straightforward process that enhances your ability to organize and reference important documents. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily embed, import, and annotate PDFs within your Notion workspace, making your workflow more efficient and integrated.

If you liked reading this guide, be sure to have a look at our other guides on how to use Notion. We do our best to explain to you guys everything there is to know about Notion.

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