How to enable search indexing in Notion (PRO Mode)

How to enable search indexing in Notion (PRO Mode)

Want to use Notion to be found on Google? In Notion, SEO works the same as in any other place online.

You just have to follow the steps on how to make a SEO bulletproof document, and then that's it... Or is it?

The last thing to do if you want your Notion document to rank on the internet's search engines is enabling search indexing in Notion.

Can you enable search indexing in Notion?

Yes, you can do that. To make sure that your Notion pages rank on Google and other search search engines, all you have to do is just click a few buttons.

Without any further ado, let's jump right into the guide

How to enable search indexing in Notion

1. Open your Notion page

For the very first step of the guide on how to enable page ranking in Notion, we are going to open the page we wish to rank on the internet.

In the top-right corner of the page, you'll see the "Share" button. Be sure to click that!

how to search index pages in notion

Once you're there, make the page sharable. To do that, you have to check the tick next to the "Share to web" text.

2. Hit the "Share" button

Now that the page is sharable, a pop-up with more other options should be on your screen.

how to enable search index notion

Once the pop-up has shown on your screen, what you have to do is just click on the "Show link options" button.

3. Enable search indexing

Now we are going to finish the job actually allowing the page to be indexed on search engines.

The option saying "Search engine indexing PERSONAL PRO" is the one that you're looking for.

how to index notion pages on google

Upon clicking on the button, your page is now 100% ready to rank on search engines! 

Remember! You can only do this if you have the PRO version of Notion.

The template that you've seen in the example through the 3 steps of this guide can be found right here, along with many other personal website templates that are made by us.

Are Notion pages indexed by Google?

Notion pages are indexed only if you set them to be. To index them, you have to set this option as "true". To see how to do that, make sure to follow the guide above.

Is Notion SEO friendly?

Yes. In Notion, SEO works just like anywhere else on the internet. As long as you play SEO by the book, Notion will help you rank higher on the internet.

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