How to link pages and subpages in Notion

How to link pages and subpages in Notion

In Notion, linking subpages can be really useful. This can be used in both organising yourself and/or the information that you're sharing with your readers.

For example, to link subpages in Notion is a great idea when you use Notion as your website builder. By the way, did we mention that we're building websites in Notion?

If you never really knew how to create and link subpages to a main page in Notion, we're now going to show you how to do that.

We'll do our best to explain this as easy as possible so that nobody will get the job done wrongly. It's really easy to create and link subpages in Notion!

Why link pages in Notion?

Well, as we've mentioned before, making and linking subpages within a Notion page is really advantageous.

One of the best examples is that you can stock your information in a really tidy manner. At the same time, with the help of hyperlinks, you can link subpages really smoothly.

How to make subpages in Notion

There are five methods to link pages in Notion. All five methods are really easy to use, and to make sure that we're showing you all of the possible options, we'll go through all of them.

By the end of the guide, you're probably going to make at least one subpage.

how to make subpages in Notion

Above you can see how multiple subpages look like on the sidebar of Notion.

Option 1: The side bar

For the first method, we'll need to got o Notion and make a page, or open an older page, if that's the case.

In the sidebar, you're going to see this: an indicator that shows you the subpages (if there are any), the page's name, the three dots and the plus "+" sign.

Click on the "+" sign, and then start completing your new page.

Create subpages within pages in Notion

Going back to the main page, you're going to see a hyperlinked text that contains the subpage's name.

Keep in mind that if you delete that text, Notion will also delete your subpage.

Option 2: Embedding

For the second option on how to link pages in Notion, we're going to write "/page" and select one of the two options there.

If you type "/page" in Notion, you're going to see the "Page" and "Link to page".

"Page" forwards you to a window where you can start editing a new page, while "Link to page" allows you to link a page that's already made, from your library of pages.

How to link a subpage to a page Notion

In the example above, we chose to link a page that was already made, instead of building a new one.

Yet again, you can see how the text has been hyperlinked to the subpage that we've just created.

Option 3: Share & paste

This option is quite easy and it doesn't require lots of actions, as the heading states.

All you have to do is go to your subpage in Notion page, copy its link, and paste it your main page.

Once you've copied the Notion link, you're going to see this pop-up, just like below.

Link subpages to pages in Notion

You can select either the mentioning or the linking option. Both of them work just fine, so you can pick any of them.

After picking one of the two options, you're going to see the a hyperlink with the name of the page that you've just pasted.

Clicking on that text will forward you to the subpage. Pretty cool, right?

Option 4: Hyperlinking

At first, the fourth option may sound a bit similar to the third one, but it isn't really. Let's see what it is like!

What you first have to do is open your main Notion page, select some text, and then click on "Link" in the pop-up with the text enhancing.

How to link to a subpage in Notion

Upon clicking on "Link", you can either make a new page or link to an existing page.

This page that you're about to make (or link toto, depending the case) is basically your subpage.

At the same time, you can also paste the link of another Notion page, and you're basically going to make a standard hyperlink with your subpage.

Option 5: Mentioning

The fifth and the last method to link a page/subpage in Notion is related to mentioning, though that's pretty much the same as linking.

To use the fifth option, you have to go to your main Notion page and type the "@" symbol.

Once you did that, you're going to see the "LINK TO PAGE" section in the pop-up shown after typing "@".

Any way to link to a subpage in Notion?

Then, you just have to pick the page that you want to mention within your main Notion page, and it'll show up as a hyperlinked text with the page of the mentioned subpage.

The result is basically the same as the one at the previous method - the hyperlinked text with the title of the subpage.

Can you link subpages in Notion?

Yes, you can link pages and subpages in Notion. Thanks to the five methods on how to link your main page to other pages in Notion, this is an easy job.

Hey, if you want to see more guides like this one, have a look at our other tutorials on how to use Notion. With each new day, we want to do our best in providing as much as information as possible, because want everybody to know how to use Notion.

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