How to wrap text/cells in Notions

How to wrap text/cells in Notions

You've most likely seen before how tables sometimes can't fit the whole text in the sight of a cell and how they show a few words, then add some dots.

We're here to help you get rid of that issue when building tables in Notion.

By the end of the guide, all of the words in each cell of your tables will be perfectly visible.

Why wrap text in Notion?

People often wrap the text in cells so that we can easily read the whole content without having to click on the cell in order to see it all.

How to wrap text in Notion

1. Hit the table's settings

To go to the table's settings, you have to click on the three dot icon in the top-right corner of the table.

How to wrap text Notion table cells

Now, in the lower side of the table, you can see the "Wrap cells" section.

If your text looks like the first row of the first column's text in the table above, then your "Wrap cells" button has to be grey (turned off).

how to wrap cells in notion tables

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2. Turn on "Wrap cells"

Now, in order to make sure that the whole text is visible within a column, all we have to do is turn on "Wrap cells" so that the grey button turns blue.

notion table wrap text cells

The table extended so that we'd properly see the full text that we couldn't see at the previous step. Job's done!

Can you wrap text in Notion?

Yes. Go to the table's settings and positively check "Wrap cells" so that the button turns blue.

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