Add GoDaddy custom domains to Notion

Add GoDaddy custom domains to Notion

Just built your Notion website? First of all, thank you! In this guide, we'll show you how to connect GoDaddy custom domains to Notion websites.

Now, if you have a GoDadddy-bought domain and you want to attach it to your Notion website, we'll teach you how to do that in this guide.

If you're looking for a general guide on how to customise your Notion website's domain, make sure to read how to add custom domains in Notion.

How to connect GoDaddy custom domains to Notion

1. Select a GoDaddy domain

First of all, go to My Domains in GoDaddy and select the domain that you want to connect to your Notion website..

integrate godaddy in notion

Once you've found the preferred domain, click on its name. Then, you should see a new page. Scroll a little bit and select "Manage DNS".

If you can't find this section, simply use the find in page function (CTRL/CMD + F) and type "Manage DNS".

godaddy custom domains in notion

After finding this section, click the "Manage DNS" button.

2. Add a new DNS record

You should now see a screen with all of your domain's DNS records.

What you want to do is click the "Add" button in order to add a DNS record for your website.

add godaddy to notion

Upon clicking "Add", you should see a new screen where you have to add some DNS details.

To get the details, you'll have to go to your website's Custom Domain section.

For each website, these are going to be your details:

  1. Host/name: @ (leaving that empty would be the same)
  2. Type: A
  3. Value:
notion website godaddy domain

These details now have to be added in the DNS Management section of GoDaddy.

Once you've added, them, make sure to click the "Add record" button.

notion godaddy domains

After adding the record in GoDaddy, go back to the "Custom Domain" section in and hit the "Confirm changes" button.

notion website builder

That's it! You've now added your GoDaddy domain to the Notion website.

Can you add GoDaddy custom domains in Notion?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is copy the DNS record from the Notion website and paste it in Notion.

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