How to sell through Notion - Create Notion Website

How to sell through Notion - Create Notion Website

Want to get started with selling through Notion? Turning your Notion boards into business websites is way easier than most of the people would think!

The process is really simple: you have to set up a Notion website with an eCommerce theme, add your products and start selling. That's right about it.

First things first, let's give an answer to the most popular internet about Notion selling.

Want to get started with an eCommerce website in Notion? We've got a guide for that as well!

Can you sell on Notion?

Yes, you can sell in Notion. Be sure to build a Notion website, add your products and payment processors, and then start selling!

How to start selling through Notion

In this guide, we're going to take you to the process of setting up the ideal Notion business website so you could get started with selling through Notion.

Step 1: Build a Notion website

The first step in selling through Notion is actually making yourself a name on the internet.

The solution? Websites. They are just the right thing to make yourself heard, and to keep this in theme, we're going to show you how to build websites out of Notion pages.

To build your own online store/website in Notion, you'll can use the website builder.

Why? Because you don't have to code anything, and moreover, the process really takes no time, as we're building websites on the spot. Oh, and did we mention that building Notion websites is totally free?

build a website to sell through notion

In fact, at, websites are the main thing that we work with (in Notion, of course). Selling online is really easy with Notion and the websites that we build for you.

Build your website with a template

Don't have enough time to build your own website? Need a head start?

Make sure to check out our Notion templates. We've got a large range of templates, including many eCommerce/online shopping templates that are all free to use!

Step 2: Connect your products to Notion

Assuming that you've got a website by now, what's next? Well, first, thank you for using our website builder!

Now, back to the real subject: adding your products to further sell through Notion. Within your website, you can integrate your favourite payment processors.

notion ecommerce website payment processor

Without payment processors, you won't really be able to sell anything. Therefore, integrating one of those is lethal when it comes to selling through Notion. Let's take a look at your options!

What payment processor works best in Notion?

Make sure to pick what suits you best when it comes to fees. From PayPal to Gumroad, Flurly and many other payment processors, you can add anything that's embeddable within your Notion website.

When selling in Notion, you want to get the most profit out of each transaction while still offering the best of your product, right?

Step 3: Share your products

Having people reach your Notion website is basically the most important part of selling on Notion.

how to sell in notio

To get people on your website, share your website/products on your favourite social media platform. Then, let the users flow!

Remember, all of your users are your potential customers. Do your best job when it comes to building your website and products!

Step 4: Collect feedback

Once you've started selling on Notion, you should get feedback from your users. To collect feedback, Emojics has your back.

ecommerce website customer support

With Emojics, you can easily collect feedback from your users and customers through an emoji, or, if that's the case, through a few words. It's all just a quick process!

Can you make money in Notion?

Yes. Making money in Notion is easy if you get everything right. Once you've build a Notion website, link all of your products and start selling just like on any other eCommerce website.

How much does it cost to build a website for a small business?

Making websites for small businesses is absolutely free when you're building with and Notion. You can make fully-working and beautifully-looking websites for nothing. Start your website today with a small business website template.

How much money can you make selling Notion templates?

You can sell templates for $10, $50,  $100 and so on, depending on the template. Making money by selling Notion templates is pretty easy if you build nice looking and working templates!

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