How to share a Notion page - Public Notion Pages

How to share a Notion page - Public Notion Pages

Working in Notion is really easy, and so is sharing any Notion page. If you want to make your documents sharable but you don't know how to do to that, let us show you the way.

First of all, let's answer the most common questions about sharing Notion pages on the internet:

Why doesn't my Notion link work?

People can only access your Notion page if you give them the sharable link and not the one displayed in the search bar of your browser. Think of this as the backend/frontend of your Notion page.

Can you share Notion pages with others?

Yes, you can! To access the sharable link of your page, click the "Share" button and select "Share to web" - there you'll be shown the link of your page.

It's really easy making a Notion page sharable and then sharing it, so don't worry! All of this gets done in just a few clicks and in less than 30 seconds.

So, let's see these clicks that we have to make. Without any further ado, we're now jumping into the guide on how to share any Notion pages!

How to share a Notion page

To make Notion pages sharable, click the "Share" button in the top-right corner of any Notion page and enable the "Share to web" option. Then, you will be shown the sharable link of your page.

Though, if that's not really of help, we're now going to go deeper into the guide, and we'll explain everything with images. Come with us!

1. Hit the "Share" button

In the top-right of the screen on any of your Notion pages, you're going to see the grey "Share" text.

how to make a notion page sharable

Click that "Share" button.

2. Enable sharing to the web

Up next, you will see a pop-up with multiple options oregarding sharing your Notion page.

how to share my notion page

What you want to do is enable the "Share to web" option by clicking that grey switch.

Upon seeing the switch turn blue, you will also see the sharable URL (link) of your Notion page, like so:

how to get notion sharable link

The sharable link to your Notion page will be dispalyed right below the "Share to web" button - this is the link that lets people come to your Notion page.

Keep in mind that you can share the Notion page only with this URL, and not with the one shown in your browser's search bar.

Can you share Notion pages without login?

Yes, each Notion page can be granted a sharable link. That link can be used by anybody on the interent without the need of a Notion account.

Thank you for reading this tutorial! For more like this, make sure to browse the library of Notion tutorials.

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