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How to integrate Calendly in Notion

If you like organising yourself, then both Notion and Calendly are timesavers that you may at least want to try. In this guide, we'll teach you how to embed Calendly within any of your Notion pages.

The main reason why you'd want to embed Calendly in Notion is that you'll organise yourself way better than before. Calendly is a tool that helps you plan your meetings, and Notion is a tool that helps your organise your notes, life and so on. Mixing them results a nice time saving machine!

How to integrate Calendly in Notion

To shortly answer your question, you just have to copy your Calendly's sharable link and paste it in Notion.

Scroll down below if you want to see a fully detailed explanation about integrating Calendly in Notion.

1. Select your meeting

Go to Calendly's Events Tab and select the meeting that you want to embed within your Notion page.

how to embed calendly in notion

As you can see, each meeting card has a "Copy link" button in teh bottom-left corner. Click "Copy link" on the meeting which you want to be seen in Notion.

2. Make an Embed in Notion

There are multiple ways to make an Embed block. Keep in mind that all of them work just the same:

  1. Typing /embed -> Selecting Embed
  2. Typing "/" and -> Selecting Embed
  3. Pasting your link -> Clicking "Create an embed"
how to make embeds in notion
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Whichever option you want to choose will get to the same outcome. For this example, we chose the first one, by typing "/embed".

3. Paste your Calendly link

So, regardless of which option you chose at the previous step, all of them will get you to the following screen.

integrate calendly in notion

What's left is just clicking "Embed link" in order to successfully add your Calendly meeting in Notion.

Upon waiting no more than 10 seconds, your Notion page should be updated with the Calendly meeting, just like in the image below.

embed calendly in notion

If you don't like how the Calendly meeting's block looks, you can always drag the corners of the block in order to shape it according to your taste.

For this example, we've made the Calendly meeting a tiny bit wider than the rest of the blocks, just so that the whole Calendly content would be visible.

How can I integrate Calendly in Notion in 30 seconds?

If the guide was too long, we've got you covered with this 30-second version of our guide on how to embed Calendly in Notion. Here's what you have to do:

  1. Copy your Calendly meeting's URL
  2. Make an Embed block in Notion
  3. Paste the meeting's link
  4. Enjoy

We really hope that this guide was helpful to you. If you want to see more tutorials on how to use Notion, feel free to check out the library of guides. Thanks for stopping by!

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