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How to integrate Discord in Notion

Discord is one of the coolest and minimalistic platforms to talk to your friends, and at the same time, Notion is the same, but for taking notes and organising yourself.

Follow this guide if you want to know how to integrate Discord within your Notion page. Keep in mind that you cannot chat in Discord within Notion, as the integration that we're going to show you is just an invite to the servers that you moderate.

How to integrate Discord in Notion

To integrate a Discord invite in your Notion page, you just have to go to your Discord server's settings, copy the embeddable link, and paste it in Notion.

But first, you need to make your own server. If you don't know how to do that, read Discord's guide on making a server.

1. Go to your page's settings

First of all, select the server that you're the owner/moderator of. Go to its settings by clicking on the top-left corner, where the name of the server is.

how to embed discord invites

2. Select the inviting channel

Once you're in the screen with the settings, go to the "Widget" section (the left sideo f the screen's menu).

Once you're in that section, you'll first have to select the channel where you want people to be invited.

how to add discord widgets in notion

To select the channel, just click on the "INVITE CHANNEL" button and a drop-down with your server's channels will appear.

3. Copy your widget's code

Next up, you'll have to scroll just a little bit lower on the page to fully see the widget's HTML code and its preview. What you have to do now is simply copying the content in the box below the "PREMATE WIDGET".

how to integrate discord in notion

We'll need that HTML code later in Notion.

4. Make an Embed block

Going to Notion, you now have to select your preferred page. Once you're there, type "/embed" and select the Embed block.

Wait no more than 5 seconds for the block to load, and then paste your Discord invite's HTML code that you've previously copied.

discord to notion integration

What's left is simply clicking the "Embed link" button.

Yet again, yo have to wait just a few seconds for Notion to 100% load your Discord invite's HTML code, and then, you should see a preview similar to this one below.

how to embed discord in notion

Your preview will most likely look smaller at first. Go to the edges of the block and drag them around in order to make your Discord invite block wider or narrower.

Do you like the Notion page from above? Get the template yourself from our Notion Twitter Link In Bio Website Builder. It's 100% free!

How to connect Discord to Notion

If the guide above was pretty lengthy for your time, we get it. That's why we've got you covered with this 30-second Discord to Notion integration guide.

  1. Go to your Discord server's settings
  2. Select "Widgets" and the channel for your invite
  3. Copy the invite's HTML code
  4. Paste it in a Notion Embed block

Well, it's that easy connecting Discord to Notion. When you have your own community, this tool can become really useful!

We really hope that you found this guide helpful. If you want to see more Notion tutorials, make sure to check out our library of Notion guides. With each new day, we do our best to teach people how to use Notion correctly.

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