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Integrate Drift Chat in Notion

Drift is one of the best live chats out there, and Notion is also one of the best no-code organising tools out there.

You may be here because you already have a Notion website, and you want to integrate Drift's live chat. If so, then let us tell you that you're in the right place.

How to integrate Drift in Notion

To connect Drift to your Notion website, you just have to build a live chat pop-up, copy its code and paste it in's custom code area.

Keep in mind that this was the short way to answer your question. Continue reading for the full story!

1. Copy your Drift code

First of all, go to Drift's Widget Settings and select the "Install" button.

integrate drift in notion websites

Then, you will see multiple ways to install your Drift live chat widget. You'll be looking for the "</> JavaScript" section.

Upon clicking on the JavaScript button, the page will expand and you'll see the code of your Drift widget.

how to add drift to notion websites

Click on the "Copy" button in order to get the code of your Drift live chat's widget.

2. custom code

Now go to your dashboard in the website builder. To the left of your screen, you'll see the "Site customization" button

notion website custom code

Click on "Site customization", and the whole menu will expand. The option that you want is called "Custom code".

3. Connect Drift to Notion

Within the custom code section, you'll see the "Add custom code" area on the page. There's an empty box, and there's where you have to paste your Drift widget's code.

integrate hubspot to notion websites

Remember to always save your changes. Without clicking hte blue button, your changes will not be saved, and hence the Drift integration won't work properly.

Saved your changes? Cool! Now you can go to your public website and you'll see the Drift live chat integration within your Notion website. That was it! Drift has now been successfully connected with your Notion website.

Can you integrate live chat in Notion?

No, you can't add a live chat widget to your Notion page. Thoguh, good news! You can add live chat to your Notion website built with! All you have to do is copy your live chat widget's code and paste it in the website builder.

We really hope that you found this guide useful. By the way, we've got plenty of other guides on how to use Notion, so checking them out may help you with a few more tricks in Notion. Thank you for reading this guide!

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