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How to integrate Fathom Analytics with Notion

If you've got a Notion-built website and you want to monitor your website's stats, Fathom Analytics is here for you.

Within this guide, we're going to teach you all there is to know about integrating Fathom Analytics to Notion websites.

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How to integrate Fathom Analytics in Notion

You just have to go to the settings, copy your site's embeddable code and paste it into the custom code section of your x Notion-built website.

Keep in mind that this guide starts right after you've added your website to Fathom Analytics. Not sure how to do that? Add yours now.

1. Select website

First of all, go to the site settings and choose your favourite website.

how to integrate fathom analytics with notion

This is the website that you're going to integrate within Notion.

2. Copy your Embed code

Once you've clicked on your preferred website, you'll have to select the code within the "Embed code" section.

integrate fathom in notion

We'll need this code at the next step. That brings us to...

3. Add Fathom Analytics to Notion

Go to your website's settings, and select "Site customization".

Then, you'll see a dropdown with more options. The one that you want to select is "Custom code".

how to add fathom analytics in notion

Within the "Add custom code" box, you want to paste your Fathom Analytics code that was previously copied. It's that easy!

Can you add analytics to Notion?

Yes, you can add analytics to pages and websites. Integrating them is really easy, as you just have to copy the analytics tool's code and paste it in the custom code section of your website.

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