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How to integrate Flurly in Notion (or your Notion Website)

Ever wondered how you could integrate Flurly in Notion? Well, don't worry - we've got you covered with a solution to that.

First things first, let's answer the most asked question related to integrating Flurly into Notion.

Can you connect Flurly to Notion?

Let us say that yes, you can integrate Flurly to Notion. You just have to paste the Flurly product's link into Notion's "Embed" block.

Now keep in mind that this was only the easiest fix to that. Continue reading if you want to see the fully expressed way on how to embed Flurly into Notion.

How to add a Flurly product to Notion

Bear in mind that this guide is made for those who've already made their Flurly products. If you didn't make your product by now, then start making your Flurly product.

1. Select your Flurly product

Once your product is ready, visit the page in the dashboard that houses your product and make sure it's published!

Got to the Dashboard? Cool! Now click on the product that you want to embed into Notion and copy the link in the top-right side of your screen.

how to add flurly to notion

Make sure to copy that link, as we'll need it at the next step. By the way, did you know that you can embed any widget in Notion?

2. Make an Embed block in Notion

Head to Notion and select the page where you want to integrate your Flurly product.

In order to fully connect that Flurly product to Notion, you'll have to make an "Embed" block. To do that, type "/embed" and select the "Embed" block.

integrate flurly in notion

For this guide's example, you're seeing one of our Notion Link In bio templates that's 100% free to use.

3. Add your Flurly product

Once you've made the "Embed", you just have to paste your Flurly link copied at the first step of this guide.

flurly how to integrate notion

Upon clicking the "Embed" button, you just have to wait a few seconds for Notion to upload your Flurly product.

Your Flurly product's preview in Notion should look something like this:

flurly notion integration

Now we're more than happy to help that you're done adding Flurly to Notion! Congrats on turning your Notion page into an e-Commerce website. Speaking of which, if you're into e-Commerce, then you might want to take a look at our e-Commerce website templates in Notion. They're all 100% free!

Is coding required to integrate in Notion?

No, and that is the best part of integrating apps like Flurly into Notion. Integrating apps in Notion is pretty just a copy-paste job. No coding required!

Gumroad vs Flurly: Which one is better?

Both of them! When it comes to integrating in Notion, both Gumroad and Flurly work just fine. At the end of the day, whichever platform suits you best is the one that you should use to integrate into Notion.

Mentioning Gumroad, you may find interesting our guide on how to integrate Gumroad in Notion. Have a look at that guide as well to find out whether it's easier for you to use Flurly or Gumroad when it comes to making your Notion page an e-Commerce website.

Thank you for reading this guide! Find more tutorials on how to use Notion by accessing our free Notion library of guides.

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