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How to integrate Giphy in Notion

If you want to add some awesome GIFs to your Notion pages or Notion websites, but you're not sure how to do that, we're now going to show you how to do so.

In such a case, Giphy is your best friend - there are high chances that you may have heard of Giphy before. Now, we're going to show you how to integrate Giphy in Notion.

How to integrate Giphy in Notion

To integrate Giphy in Notion, you just have to copy the URL of a Giphy post (or the embed code) and add it inside a Notion Embed block. That easy!

For the explained way to do that, keep reading this post.

1. Get the Giphy embed code

The very first step is going to Giphy and finding your favourite GIF. If you have a cool GIF already, cool! Make sure to go on its page on Giphy.

how to embed a giphy gif

Once you've found that awesome GIF, you'll see a menu with a few quick options to share the GIF. Out of all, you want to select "Embed".

Then, you should see a pop-up with the HTML embeddable code of the GIF. Make sure to copy that code!

how to copy giphy embeddable code

2. Make an Embed block in Notion

Now you have to go to the Notion page where you want to embed the Giphy GIF. In that page, type "/embed" and select the "Embed" block.

notion how to make an embed

3. Integrate Giphy in Notion

Within that Embed block, you'll want to add the code that was previously copied at the first step of this guide.

So, in the box where you can add some text, drop the code of the Giphy GIF.

how to integrate gifs in notion
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Remember to also hit the "Embed link" button after adding the code. Otherwise, the embed won't be functional.

After hitting that blue button, your GIF should be working just fine within Notion. Let's check out our example!

how to embed giphy in notion

While you can't really see it because the block from above is an image, that is a functional Giphy GIF, imported in Notion. So easy, right?

Another way to embed Giphy in Notion

If the process above seems like too much to embed a GIF in Notion, here's another way to do that:

  1. Copy the URL (searchbar) of a GIF within Giphy
  2. Paste it in Notion
  3. Select "Embed image"
  4. Enjoy

Both the option above and the one shown in the guide work just fine. Pick whichever one suits you best!

Thank you for reading this tutorial!

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