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How To Integrate Google Ads In Notion (2023)

You're probably on this page because:

  • You've got a Notion website;
  • And you want to make money it;
  • So you thought of integrating Google Ads;
  • But you're not (yet) sure how to do it.

If you want to learn how to integrate Google Ads in your Notion page or website, this is the place to be in.

In only 3 minutes and a couple of easy steps, you're going to learn how to add Google Ads in Notion — whether that's a Notion page or a website.

Let's get at it.

How to integrate Google Ads in Notion (for free)

Integrate Google Ads in your Notion by creating an AdSense account and linking your website's URL. Then, generate your Ads embed link and paste it in the custom code section of your Notion website.

Don't worry, that was just the short way to answer your question. Join us, as we'll go into the step-by-step guide on how to embed Google Ads in Notion.

1. Connect AdSense

We're beginning this guide assuming that you've already created your Google AdSense account and that you've already linked your Notion website's URL to AdSense.

Hence, the first step is to go to the AdSense homepage and click the card saying "Connect your site to Adsense" — simply click on the blue button.

How to integrate Google Ads in Notion

Upon clicking that button, you will be sent to another page. This is the actual page where you're going to connect Notion to AdSense.

Now, you should see a few lines of code. Make sure that the "AdSense code snippet" box is ticked, and then copy everything in the "Your AdSense code" box.

How to add Google Ads in Notion

Simply click on the "Copy" button so you can add the code to your clipboard. We're going to need it at the next step.

2. Embed the code

Go to your dashboard and select the Notion website that is linked with your Google AdSense account.

It has to be the same website for the code to work and for ads to be shown on your public website.

How to add Google Ads code to Notion website

To get where we are in the image above:

  1. Expand the "Website" menu on the left;
  2. Click on "Custom code";
  3. Paste the code you've copied from AdSense;
  4. Select "Save changes".

Those are the simple steps that you have to follow to embed Google Ads in your Notion website.

Remember: You have to put the code between the <head> and </head> tags.

Though, there is just one last thing that must be done before we're finished.

3. Submit for review

Now, go back to the Google AdSense page that you've copied the code on.

How to link Google Ads to Notion websites

Check the "I've placed the code" box and select the blue button to go to the next step.

Now, you will be forwarded to the next card which is the last confirmation before you send your request to Google so they can see whether you can integrate ads on your website.

Integrate Google AdSense in Notion

Simply click on the "Request review" button and you're done. You will then receive an email from Google with all the information about your request.

That's it. You've just submitted your Google Ads request so you can integrate ads in your Notion website. It wasn't that hard, was it?

Can you put ads in Notion?

Yes, you can put ads in Notion. Simply connect your AdSense account to your Notion website and copy/paste the code in your website's custom code section.

Thank you for reading this tutorial!

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