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How to integrate Google Calendar in Notion

It’s always good to have a Calendar next to you, especially if you spend lots of your time at a desk or really in an office.

You’re on this page most likely because you are a Notioneer and because you want to add integrate calendars in Notion, right?

Within this post, we are going to teach you all there is to know about integrating Google Calendars to Notion pages and websites.

Don’t worry, the process is really easy. Let’s see what it’s all about!

How to integrate Google Calendars in Notion

To integrate Google Calendars in Notion, you have to copy a calendars URL and paste it in a Notion embed block.

Therefore, in this guide, we’ll cover:

  1. Copying a Google Calendar’s sharable link
  2. Making an Embed block in Notion
  3. Integrating a Google Calendar in Notion

As usual, we‘ll start with the beginning.

1. Copy a calendar‘s URL

Let’s visit the Google Calendar website and copy the shareable URL.

integrate google forms to notion

The image's credit from above goes to Google. Within the picture, you can see how you have to open the settings of your calendar.

Then, you want to make the "Make available to public" tick blue.

connect google calendars to notion

Once you've clicked "OK", click "Get sharable link" and copy that link.

2. Make an Embed block

For the next step, we should start making room for the Embed block in Notion.

connect google calendar to notion

To do that, you have to go to your favourite Notion page and type “/embed”, and then select the “Embed” block. Then, hit enter.

3.  Embed Google Calendar in Notion

Next up, you want to drop the link copied at the first step or the guide right inside the Embed block. Once you’ve done that, hit the blue “Embed link” button.

You should then wait a few seconds for the embed to load, and see the embed working.

That’s it! Not so hard connecting Google Calendar to Notion, right?

Quick way to integrate Google Calendar in Notion

For those of you who look for the short solution, here it is:

  1. Go to Settings in Google Calendar
  2. Click on a calendar
  3. Make it available to the public
  4. Scroll towards "Integrate calendar"
  5. Copy the calendar's link

Why choose us to embed Google Calendars in Notion?

We can't say "Pick us!", but though, we recommend using our guide to integrate Google Calendar in Notion because we're explaining everything in-depth and with helpful images so you could see how everything works.

Thank you for reading this tutorial!

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