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How to integrate Gumroad in Notion (or your Notion Website)

Want to get started with selling through Notion? Then let us tell you that Gumroad is one of the very best payment processors that you can use.

Within this guide, we're going to show you how to integrate Gumroad in Notion, and hence, how you can easily start selling your products in Notion.

How to integrate Gumroad in Notion

To integrate Gumroad in Notion, you simply need to copy a Gumroad link and paste it in Notion in order to embed it there. It's that easy!

Though, this was just the short way to answer your question. Keep on reading for the whole process of integrating Gumroad in Notion.

1. Copy your Gumroad URL

First of all, go to your Gumroad products and select the product that you want to be visible in Notion. Then, be sure to copy it's URL (link from the search bar).

how to embed gumroad in notion

We didn't really show the URL in this picture, but rather there's the whole product that we'll later now in Notion.

2. Paste the link in Notion

Got to your Notion website's page, and once you found the spot where you want to integrate the product, paste the link.

integrate gumroad in notion

The product's link that you've previously copied now has to be pasted in Notion in order to be successfully integrated.

3. Embed Gumroad in Notion

As soon as you've pasted the link of your Gumroad, you'll see 3 options: Dismiss, Create bookmark and Create embed.

What you want to select is "Create embed" in order for your product to be added in Gumroad.

Once you've done that, your product's preview should be visible - something like in the image below, but of course, with your product.

connect gumroad with notion

Hey, you've done it! That was the whole process on integrating Gumroad in Notion. Pretty easy, right?

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Can you embed Gumroad stores in Notion?

Yes, you can also integrate Gumroad stores/profiles into Notion. The process is pretty much the same:

  • Copy the profile's URL;
  • Paste it in Notion;
  • Select "Create Embed".

If you want to see more tutorials on how to integrate in Notion, make sure to check out our Notion integrations page. Thank you for reading this post!

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