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How to integrate Indie Hackers in Notion

Dear hackers, if you want to add your Indie Hackers posts into your pages, we're here for you today.

Just by reading this tutorial, you’re going to know all about adding Indie Hackers widgets to your Notion pages, and how to make awesome embeds. If that’s what you’re looking for, stay tuned!

How to add Indie Hackers in Notion

To embed an Indie Hackers widget in your Notion pages, you just have to copy the URL of an IH page and paste it in Notion, and then hit the “Create embed” button.

1. Get an Indie Hackers URL

The first step to successfully adding Indie Hackers in Notion is simply copying the link to your favourite Indie Hackers page.

how to embed indie hackers in notion

It can be even the IH home page! In fact, that's the link that we've used for this example. 

2. Paste that in Notion

Up next, simply go to the Notion page where you want to embed the Indie Hackers link, and paste the link.

integrate indie hackers in notion

After doing so, you’ll notice these three options: Dismiss, Create bookmark, Create embed. The one which you want to choose is the last option, as we’re looking to embed this IH page in Notion. 

Clicking “create embed” will have you waiting a few seconds for the widget to load, and then you should see the Indie Hackers preview, like so:

notion indie hackers integration

That was the whole process! So cool, right?

Can you embed Indie Hackers in Notion?

Yes, you can embed any Indie Hackers post in Notion. All you have to do is copy the post's link and paste it in Notion. Then, hit "Create embed" and that's it!

For more like this, be sure to check out the library of Notion integrations. Thank you for reading this tutorial!

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