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How to integrate LiveChat in Notion Websites

Did you just build your Notion website with and you want to add a LiveChat integration? Let us tell you that doing that is really easy.

The benefits of connecting LiveChat to Notion are countless, but the most beneficial reason for this integration is connecting with your users in just a few clicks.

Want to build your own website? Making a website in Notion is free and code-free. By the way, all of the websites are built instantly.

How to connect LiveChat in Notion

All you have to do is copy your LiveChat widget's code, paste it in's custom code section, and enjoy the changes.

In case you don't have a LiveChat account already, make sure to set up an account before proceeding to this guide.

1. Go to LiveChat's settings

First of all, go to LiveChat's Website settings. You'll automatically get reddicted to the Widget Settings page - exactly where you want to be.

connect livechat to notion websites

Once you're there, be sure to click on the "Install LiveChat code manually" button.

This section is on the lower side of the page, though the image below will help you find it easily.

integrate livechat in notion

Click on that highlighted button.

2. Copy the LiveChat code

Up next, you'll have to copy your LiveChat widget's code.

copy livechat embed code

To copy it, hover above the box with the code and click the button to copy your widget's code.

3. Go to's custom code

Be sure to go to your Dashboard where you have all of your websites. custom code section

Found the website that you want to integrate LiveChat? Cool, now be sure to click the "Custom code" button.

To get to the "Custom code" section, you'll first have to click "Site customization".

4. Paste the LiveChat code

In that empty box, you'll have to paste your LiveChat widget's code that you've previously copied.

how to add custom code in notion pages

After pasting your widget's code, remember to also press the blue "Save changes" button.

Wait no longer than a minute and go to your public website to see your LiveChat bubble. It should look something like in the image below:

how to add livechat in notion

Now your Notion website's users can contact you via LiveChat. How cool is that?

How to connect LiveChat to Notion websites

If this guide was too long, we've got you covered with a 30-second version of this guide:

  1. Go to LiveChat's settings
  2. Copy your widget's code
  3. Go to's "Custom code" section
  4. Paste your code and save changes

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