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Integrate Loom Videos in Notion

Not sure how to embed a Loom video to your Notion-built website?

In this guide, we'll be showing you all there is to know about the Loom to Notion integration.

How to integrate Loom in Notion

Integrating and embedding Loom in Notion is the same thing. To do that, you'll have to copy your Loom video's code, paste it in Notion and select the button to make an embed.

Although it's that easy, let's carry on with the full explanation regarding the Loom to Notion integration.

1. Copy a Loom URL

Find your preferred Loom video and copy its URL. Simply do that from the search bar.

how to embed loom in notion

2. Paste the link in Notion

Now you'll have to go to a page and drop the link that you've previously copied.

how to integrate loom in notion
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Upon pasting the link, you'll see 3 options: Dismiss, Embed Loom and Create bookmark.

What you want to select is "Embed Loom" so that your video will successfully embed into Notion.

embed loom videos in notion

Upon clicking "Embed Loom", you should see the fully-working preview of your Loom video. Pretty easy, right?

There are two other option to embed a Loom video:

  • Type "/Loom" -> Select "Loom" -> Paste the link -> Hit "Embed Loom" -> Done!
  • Type "/Embed" -> Paste the link -> Hit "Embed link"-> Done!

Regardless of what option you choose, the Loom video will be embedded in Notion and it will work 100% the same.

How do you use Loom in Notion?

You can use Loom's embedding function in Notion - copy a Loom URL, paste it in Notion and select "Embed Loom". That's how you make a Loom embed in Notion.

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