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How in integrate Messenger in Notion

If you want to use Facebook Messenger as your live chat agent for your website built in Notion, then let us teach you everything about that.

The goal of this guide is to keep things clean and to explain it as easy as possible. Follow along!

How to integrate Facebook in Notion

You can use Facebook Messenger as a live chat in Notion. All you have to do is own a Facebook Page and embed it on your Notion website.

The process is really easy, as Facebook thought of making it understandable for everyone.

Before we begin, you must know that you need to have a Facebook Page. Don't have it yet? You can create your Facebook page now. Once you're done, come back and follow this guide.

1. Go to your page's settings

So, assuming that you're done setting up your Facebook page, let's go to its settings.

First of all, go to your Facebook page, and in the left side of the screen, you'll see the "Settings" section. Click there.

facebook messenger integration to notion

2. Add Messenger to your website

To get to the this screen, you'll have to click on the "Messaging" settings section.

Remember that you had to link your website's address when building your page? Besides on your profile's display, you'll also need it right here.

how to connect facebook with notion

Click on the "Get Started" button in order to get to the screen where you'll set up your Facebook Messenger live chat.

3. Set up your chat plugin

Now you'll get to a screen where you have to customise your Facebook live chat's plugin that will later be seen in Notion.

facebook live chat in notion

As you can see, the interface looks pretty simple and easy to use. You'll always see a Desktop/Mobile preview of your live chat in the right side of the screen, as you make changes.

Once you're done customising your Facebook Messenger's live chat, you'll have to save your changes by clicking the blue "Publish" button.

Then, something similar to the image below is what your users are going to see on your website once they click on Messenger icon that gets them connected with you, via live chat:

add facebook messenger live chat in notion websites

That was pretty easy, huh? And the outcome is clean, as the Facebook Messenger live chat looks really simple and likeable.

How to add Facebook Chat plugin to your website

When you don't really have enough time to follow the in-depth guide explained with images and with many words from above, you can always come back to this 30-second Facebook Messenger to Notion integration guide. Here's what you have to do in order to connect Facebook live chat to your Notion website:

  1. Go to the "Messaging" section in your Facebook Page's section.
  2. Get started with "Add Messenger to your website"
  3. Click set up or add the plugin (copy the code and paste it) in's Custom Code section

It's that easy! Creating your page takes longer than integrating Facebook Messenger to Notion.

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