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Integrate Outseta in Notion websites

Just made your own Notion website and you want to integrate Outseta as your live chat widget? Within this guide, we're going to show you all there is to know about connecting Outseta to Notion.

How to integrate Outseta in Notion

To integrate Outseta in Notion, you just have to copy your live chat widget's code and paste it in the custom code section of your Notion website.

This was just the short way of answering your question. If you want to see the whole tutorial on integrating Outseta live chat to Notion, continue reading.

1. Get the widget's code

You'll first have to go to Outseta and copy your widget's code. To get there, click the "Chats" button in the top-right corner of your page.

how to integrate outseta in notion

Next up, click the "Get Embed Code" in the middle of the page.

Then, you should get to a totally new page where you can customize your Outseta live support widget.

outseta to notion integration

After customising your Outseta chat bubble, you'll have to copy your code. The code is in the top-right corner of the page, right above the preview of the conversation on Outseta within your website.

2. Custom code in

Moving on to the dashboard, select the website that you want to integrate Outseta. Then, click "Site customization" to expand the menu, and then go to the "Custom code" section.

notion website custom code

3. Add Outseta to Notion

In the "Custom code" section, you'll have the "Add custom code" text box.

That's the place where you need to paste the code that you've previously copied.

connect zendesk to notion website

Always keep in mind taht you have to save the changes, or else, they won't be saved.

Once you're done adding your code and saving it there, feel free to go to the public version of your Notion website to check out your Outseta integration.

add zendesk live chat in notion

Hey, look at that! You've successfully integrated Outseta in your Notion website. Pretty cool!

Can you integrate Outseta in Notion?

While you can't really embed Outseta to your Notion page, you can integrate teh Outseta live chat widget to your Notion website.

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