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How to integrate Pinterest in Notion websites

Inspiration often comes from websites like Pinterest. If you want to enhance your Notion pages with your favourite pins, then let us show you the way to add Pinterest in Notion.

If you're a loving Pinterest and Notion user, then this tutorial is 100% made for you. Embedding Pinterest in Notion isn't hard, so follow this post tosee the easy way to embed pins in Notion!

How to integrate Pinterest in Notion websites

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Copy the embed code of a pin
  2. Make a Code block and type #EMBED twice
  3. Add the pin's code between the #EMBED tags

1. Copy the HTML code of a pin

First things first, you need to go to Pinterest and find your favourite pin. Got there? Cool.

how to integrate pinterest in notion

On the Pin that you want to embed in Notion, make sure to hit the three-dot icon.

Upon hitting the three-dot icon, you should see a few options. The one that you care most about is "Get Pin embed code".

how to add pinterest in notion

You should now see a pop-up with the code to embed the Pin on your website. Make sure to fully copy the code!

2. Make a Code block in Notion

Up next, you want to go to the Notion page that hosts your Notion-built website, and you want to type "/code" in order to make the Code block.

how to make a code block notion

Remember to also hit the "Code" button in order to finally build the block.

3. Add the #EMBED tags

Next up, inside the Code block, you want to type "#EMBED" twice.

notion website how to integrate pinterest

You'd want the tags to be posed just like in the image above so that you'd have an empty line in-between. Why? Well, that leads us to...

4. Add your Pin's code in the Code block

Now you need to add the Pin's code inside the JavaScript Code block. Be sure to add the code in-between the two "#EMBED" tags.

embed pinterest code in notion

Your Code block should look just like the one in the image above, or like so:

  1. #EMBED
  2. Your Pinterest code
  3. #EMBED

The guide pretty much ends here. Don't worry, your public Notion website won't have all of that visible. While you'll always see this script inside your Notion page, this is what the Pinterest widget will look like on your Notion website:

how to add a pinterest widget in notion

Look at that! It's a functional Pinterest widget right inside a Notion-built website. So cool, right?

Can you connect Pinterest to Notion?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is copy the Pin's HTML Code and add inside a Notion Code block, right in-between two "#EMBED" tags. That's it!

Thank you for reading this post. For more like this, make sure to browse the Notion integrations page.

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