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How to integrate Podia in Notion

Podia is a really awesome place start selling your online products. At the same time, Notion is a cool platform to organise yourself, to take notes, and well... Basically anything, including building websites!

If you have a page in Notion where you want to embed your Podia products, we've got some good news for you: it's really easy integrating Podia in Notion.

Just by reading this guide, you are going to know what you have to do in order to embed Podia in Notion. Let's get on with it!

How to integrate Podia in Notion

The short answer is that you have to copy your Podia product's code and embed it in Notion. It's that easy!

Bear in mind that this was just the short answer to your question. Follow the guide to learn everything about linking Podia in Notion!

1. Copy your product's link!

First of all, go to your Podia dashboard because there you can find the list with all of your Podia listings.

To copy the link of one specific product, click on the three-dot icon on the line with that specific product, and then select the "Share course..." button.

how to share podia course

Upon clicking the "Share course..." button, a tiny pop-up will show up on your screen.

The pop-up will have a few buttons and links for you to share the Podia course.

how to get podia embed link

Now you have to select one of the two links: "Page link" or "Checkout link". Choose one of the two, as both of them work just fine in Notion.

The Page/Checkout links are basically the same thing once you paste them in Notion. Now that's our little secret!

2. Make an Embed block

Head to your favourite Notion page and make an Embed block. To do that, you'll have to type "/embed" and select Embed.

how to make embeds in notion

Another way to make an Embed block is just typing slash ("/") and then scrolling all the way down to the Embed block.

Psst, hey! If you access to our Notion template in the image above, check out our Notion Course Website Builder. It's totally free!

3. Paste your link in Notion

The link that you've copied at the first step of the guide has to be pasted in the block made at the second step. They're all tied, huh?

how to integrate podia in notion

What's left after pasting your link is just hitting that blue "Embed link" button.

Once you do that, wait a few seconds for your embed to load, and then, see the awesome preview of your product. It should look something like this:

integrate podia in notion

Hey, congrats! You've just made a Podia to Notion integration. That looks pretty cool, doesn't it?

Don't like how the embed looks? Remember that you can drag the edges of your Podia course's Embed block in order to shape the Notion page as you wish - that's exactly what we've done in the preview above.

If you feel like the product's preview looks too thin, your users can also scroll within the embed.

Can you sell in Notion?

Yes, you can make your Notion page an eCommerce website. For instance, you could use tools like Podia, Gumroad, or Flurly.

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