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Integrate Savvycal to Notion

Want to organise yourself better? Then Savvycal and Notion have high chances of being exactly what you're looking for.

Though, you're most likely here because you've already built your Notion website, and because you want to integrate Savvycal into your website. If so, keep on reading! You're in the best place to learn that.

How to integrate Savvycal in Notion websites

To integrate Savvycal to your Notion website, you just have to copy your calendar's URL and embed it in Notion. Really, it's that easy!

Though, if you want a more detailed way to explain the situation, follow the guide!

1. Copy a Savvycal link

The first step to embed Savvycal to Notion websites is simply copying your calendar/event's URL.

integrate savvycal in notion websites

To see your list of calendares, go to the Links settings.

2. Embed it in Notion

Heading towards Notion, you now have to select the page that holds your Notion website. Then, simply paste your Savvycal URL.

how to embed savvycal in notion

Make sure to select the "Create" embed button after pasting your link. This way, Notion will automatically make an embed for your Savvycal link.

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After that, you should see the fully-working Savvycal to Notion integration, just like in the image below.

how to add savvycal in notion

That's pretty cool, right? The best part is that you can shape the embed as you like, and that the users can even scroll and click all inside the preview.

Can you embed Savvycal in Notion?

Yes, the answer is that you can do that. Simply paste the link of your calendar and Notion will securely integrate Savvycal to your website.

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