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How to integrate Sellfly in Notion

Selling products online? Then you've most likely heard about Sellfly before - it's a really popular eCommerce platform.

At the same time, if you like organising yourself and taking notes smartly within your devices, then there's a high change that you know something about Notion, the no-code tool.

Well, if you want to embed your Sellfly products in Notion, let us tell you that there is a way to do that. Moreover, the process is really easy. Let's get at it!

How to integrate Sellfly in Notion

To shortly answer your question, you just have to copy your Sellfly product's link and embed it in Notion.

If you want to see a detailed answer to your question, scroll down below, as we'll explain that right now.

1. Copy the Sellfly product's link

You first have to go to your Sellfly Products section. Look at the product that you want to see in Notion. Found it? Cool.

Now click on the three dot icon of that product and select "Share & Embed".

how to share sellfly products

Once you've clicked on the "Share & Embed" button, you'll see a pop-up with multiple options to share your Sellfly product.

Next up, be sure to copy the link of your product, just like in the image below.

where is sellfly product sharable link

2. Make an Embed block

Now we have to go to Notion and make an Embed block. To do that, type "/embed" and hit ENTER or just select the "Embed" block in the drop-down.

how to make a notion embeddable block

One other way to make the Embed block is simply typing slash ("/") and scrolling until seeing the Embed block.

Want to use the template in the image above? Get it from our Notion eCommerce website builder for free.

3. Embed Sellfly in Notion

Within the Embed block made at the previous step, be sure to paste the link that you've copied at the very first step of this guide.

integrate sellfly in notion

Pasted it? What's left is just clicking the "Embed Link" button and waiting a few seconds for the link to upload and to build its preview.

Once the Sellfly link gets successfully embedding in Notion, you should be able to see the preview.

how to embed sellfly in notion

Hey, good job! You've just integrated Sellfly in Notion. That's pretty nice!

Can you make money in Notion?

Yes, you can make money in Notion by turning your page into an eCommerce website with

We've also got a library of free Notion templates, and the one that may suit you best is the Notion eCommerce website template.

We really hope that this guide was helpful to you. If you want to see more help on how to use Notion, then be sure to check our page with Notion-related guides. Thank you for reading this!

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