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Integrate Shoutout in Notion (Testimonials)

Just built your website with‘s website builder?

Then you might be on this page because you want to add testimonials on your website, and may be your friend din this case.

But first, what are testimonials?

Testimonials are basically reviews ans feedback from your users or customers.

They are what we sometimes call a ‘wall of love page’ - a page where people express their thoughts on your product.

Now that we’ve cleared this up, let’s get to the guide!

How to integrate Shoutout in Notion

The short answer is this: you have to make your Shoutout wall, copy its code, and then embed it in Notion. Yep, it’s that easy.

But remember, this was just the short answer to your question. Follow the guide to see the full explanation on how to integrate Shoutout in Notion.

1. Copy your wall’s code

Once you've added your preferred shoutouts, be sure to save your changes.

Now, the first step to integrating Shoutout in Notion is going to and copying your desired wall’s code.

integrate shoutout in notion

To copy your code, hit the "</> Embed" button and you'll get to a screne simialr to the one in the image above. Bear in mind that we’re going to need this code later.

2. Go to the custom code section

Up next, you’ll have to to’s custom code section and select the Notion website where you want to integrate Shoutout.

notion custom code websites

Got to the website? Nice. The last contribution to this step is going to the “Custom code” section from the left side of the screen’s menu.

3. Drop your Shoutout wall’s code

Next up, you have to paste your Shoutout wall’s code within the custom code box in the website builder.

Be sure to hit the “Save changes” button, as your code won’t be saved unless you save it there.

how to integrate testimonials in notion

Your changes will be updated to the public website instantly, so then go to the site and you should see the Shoutout embed.

Hey, you’ve done it! Congrats on integrating Shoutout to your Notion website.

Can you add testimonials to Notion websites?

Yes, you can do that by copying your testimonial’s code and pasting it into’s custom code section of your Notion website.

We really hope that you found this guide useful. If so, then consider stopping by our library of Notion guides, where we teach people everything about Notion.

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