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Integrate Tally Forms in Notion

Just built your Notion website and need to add your Tally Form?

Fear not, in this guide we'll show you all there is to know about integrating Tally Forms within your Notion website.

How to integrate Tally in Notion

Simply copy your forms' sharable link and paste it in Notion. Then, hit the "Create en embed" button in order for your your form to be displayed and usable in Notion.

1. Copy your Tally form's link

First of all, go to Dashboard and select a workspace. Then, you'll see a list with all of your forms.

integrte tally in notion

Hover the form that you want to embed in Notion, and hit the three dot icon near the name of your form.

Then, hit the "Copy your link to share" button.

2. Paste the link in Notion

Up next, head to your page and add the link that you've previously copied.

connect tally in notion

Once you've pasted the link in Notion, you're going to see 3 options: Dismiss, Create bookmark, and Create an embed.

The option that you want to select is "Create an embed". Once you'v done that, you should be able to see the preview of your Tally form.

add tlaly forms to notion

Well, this is a simply form, but there you go - that's the Tally Form integrating in Notion.

It wasn't that hard, right?

Can you integrate Tally forms in Notion?

Yes, you can integrate Tally forms into Notion. All you have to do is copy your form's link and paste it in Notion.

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